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Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Ecommerce Product Shot

Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Ecommerce Product Shot

by Anny David -
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Whether you're setting up your own eCommerce site or hiring a professional photographer, there are many things to keep in mind when setting up your product shots. Focus, Stabilization, Consistency, read on to learn more!


The best way to get high-quality product shots is by taking a systematic approach. This includes keeping your inventory organized. The level of organization will depend on the number of products you plan to photograph. It is also important to prepare your products so that they will look their best and be easy to identify. This is especially important if you have a large number of similar products.

If you're photographing a candle, for example, make sure to focus on the candle itself and its label, as opposed to the background. This will prevent the background from detracting from the candle or the overall image. In addition, you should use tape to hold things in place.

You should also use high-definition photos for your products. Some products, such as clothing and other fabric items, require a higher resolution. The product shot should also be as accurate as possible, as the overall value of the product will depend on the photo's quality.


If you're setting up an eCommerce product shot, it's important to keep the main focus of your product in the center of the shot. This is important because the human eye is naturally drawn to the left or right side of a frame. If the product is centered, it will appear less stylized and more believable. Proper lighting is also crucial to eCommerce product photography. Three-point lighting is recommended for best results.

Depending on the product, you may want to take detailed shots to show the product's details. This may require a macro lens and specific lighting. Keep in mind that your customers will care about packaging and want a consistent shopping experience, so be sure to take high-quality photos that show off the product's features.

Consistency in product photography is the key to brand recognition. Make sure that the lighting is consistent across all of your product shots. Choose similar angles, lighting locations, and color palettes. By following these guidelines, your customers will be able to recognize your product and brand.


Stabilization is an important consideration when setting up your eCommerce product shots. It will make your images look more professional. While this may seem like a hassle, practice will make perfect! Here's an example: You're taking a photo of a shoe. You'll want to remove the background and stabilize the photo.

Final Thought

There are many considerations when setting up your eCommerce product shot. Your first consideration should be the background and lighting. Next, you should decide how many images you'll need for your product. 

Choose a location with a good view of the product. This will minimize the chance of the product being muddled with clutter. You should also try to choose a location close to a window. If possible, you can use a plain white poster board as a backdrop. It's important to make your eCommerce product shot as appealing as possible to the target audience.

Using a white sweep background is a great way to show off your merchandise while conveying the most important features to shoppers. It also allows shoppers to zoom into the photo for a closer look. This feature enhances shopper trust and encourages them to purchase the product.

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