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A Greedy Air Passenger Drank a Liter of Vodka

A Greedy Air Passenger Drank a Liter of Vodka

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A citizen of Federal Republic of Germany became not allowed via the customs bajatraveler net clearance in the Nuremberg airport to take aboard a bottle of vodka, so he showed an splendid greed and drank down a liter of alcoholic beverage in attendance of customs officers.

After doing this "heroic" deed, the German required pressing medical resource. As instructed by way of the representatives of German police, this incident has taken area on Wednesday: the man become returning domestic to Dresden after the holiday in Egypt. He modified the plane in Nuremberg.

While passing the customs clearance the person refused to pay unique fee and register the bottle of vodka he become carrying with him as a bags. Instead, he determined to behave easier and extra economically: to drink the whole bottle without on foot far from customs clearance desk.

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Almost at once the greedy passenger has lost the ability to stand on his very own legs, to talk audibly and also to act adequately. Fearing for the man's health, customs officers have called in an ambulance, which carried the "victim" to the Nuremberg hospital. At this second guy's country of fitness doesn't cause situation, and, as advised via the doctors, in a short time he can return domestic.

This isn't the primary time when passengers being unsatisfied with the customs policies drink alcoholic liquids right at the customs counters. The trouble is that there are rules on the major airways that permit no longer to confess a under the influence of alcohol passenger to the flight so such tales won't cease satisfied even if you drink a bottle of beer - you're already formally no longer sober anymore.

There turned into every other issue with already sober behavior of a passenger within the plane, when a person started arguing with the stewardess right after the takeoff and their dialogue got hot enough so that the pilots have determined to turn the plane back. After the return of the aircraft, the team individuals have handed the person to the cops. However if so, just like with the "heroic" German that has attempted to insist on his "rights" to tour with masses of alcohol within the baggage, the policemen did no longer see something crook inside the arguing with a stewardess. Nevertheless, the plane has left the airport once more already with out the passenger.