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Imagination Is the Key to Success

by Arun Ghor -
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We all would agree to the fact that preparing for Indian Civil Services Examination can be a grilling and tiring process. This elite division requires constant dedication, hard work and commitment. This at times makes the entire concept of preparation for UPSC examinations boring and a grilling process. All civil services aspirants always look for methods that make the preparations more interesting and energetic. To meet this never ending demand RAU's IAS study circle is using one of the most popular techniques to prepare and excel in UPSC and other high level examinations, this technique is called Mind-Mapping.

Mind-mapping is one fine technique that offers a rush of fresh air and enables students to stay fresh and charged, the concept of studying only from books is also minimized. This concept is a visual tool that enables the applicants to use brainpower in the best possible manner and maximize the skills. It is more creative, organized and facilitates fast learning.

Mind mapping technique is based on the concept of word-picture drawn with the help of logics, lines and sometimes even color. The technique stresses upon stimulating the brain and speed up the process of learning. It helps to convert arbitrary thoughts into a creative blend; make use of ideas, thoughts and information and give a shape to a useful and informative picture. This concept is also known as Radiant thinking. Exposure and understanding of this technique permits us the liberty to explore the never ending ideas while upholding a focus on the vital theme. Click here Best IAS Coaching in Delhi

All India Civil Services contribute to the stability of the governing system and is essential for the development of the society. The domain is highly prestigious and one of the most respected areas of expertise. Millions of students aspire to become Civil servants but the path to become a Civil servant is not easy. Constant dedication and hard work are the few essential attributes to become a civil servant, apart from quality knowledge and education. The syllabus for UPSC is quite bulky and aspirants have to explore the options to make study easy and less time consuming, without negotiating the quality of studies. Mind-Mapping is one such graphic-driven technique that helps an applicant to improve the performance in a fast, effective and interesting manner.

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