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Valid PK0-004 Exam Review, PK0-004 Online Tests

Valid PK0-004 Exam Review, PK0-004 Online Tests

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Valid PK0-004 Exam Review, PK0-004 Online Tests, Reliable Test PK0-004 Test, PK0-004 Test Tutorials, Valid Dumps PK0-004 Ppt

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Career Prospects

Those individuals who pass the CompTIA PK0-004 exam will get CompTIA Project+. With this certification, you can take up different job roles, including a Business Analyst, a Project Team Member, a Project Manager/Coordinator, a Team Leader, a Director, or a Manager. The salary outlook for this certificate varies from one position to another. Additionally, your level of experience will also determine your salary potential. However, the specialists with the above-mentioned titles can earn an average of $65,000 per annum. Those who obtain CompTIA Project+ can proceed to get more advanced options such as PMI PMP and climb their career ladder very fast.

>> Valid PK0-004 Exam Review <<

PK0-004 Online Tests & Reliable Test PK0-004 Test

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PK0-004 - CompTIA Project+

The PK0-004 exam is part of the CompTIA Certifications portfolio and it is available in English.This exam measures your ability in understanding how to manage large enterprise projects. CompTIA Project+ will certify the knowledge and skills of projects managers in project management. PK0-004 exam validates the ability to initiate, manage and support a project or business initiative. The certification and the PK0-004 practice exams are not just for IT technicians; Project+ is designed for any students, professional or manager who wants to validate project management experience.

Project management abilities are needed in almost every field and can separate you from the rest of the workforce. PK0-004 practice exams validates project management skills to employers, both inside and outside the IT profession. Bigger and smaller projects must benefit from project management processes.

This certification exam is targeted for professional expert who wants to testimony their ability in managing IT projects and normal project too. So, the certification is for administrators, system engineers, project managers, and Team Leads.

The exam is based on multiple choice questions (single and multiple response) and drag and drop questions \ answers. The exam will have a maximum of 95 questions and it will run in 90 minutes. This is a list of covered topics:

  • Identify common partner or vendor-centric documents and their purpose
  • Identify common project team organizational structures.
  • Given a scenario, predict the impact of various constraint variables and influences throughout the project.
  • Explain the importance of risk strategies and activities.
  • Identify the basics of project cost control.
  • Compare and contrast standard project phases.
  • Compare and contrast various project management tools.
  • Compare and contrast standard project phases.
  • Compare and contrast factors influencing communication methods
  • Classify project roles and responsibilities.

CompTIA Project+ Certification Exam Sample Questions (Q351-Q356):

A company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has asked the project manager to update upper management regarding the status of a project. The project manager sends weekly written reports to the CEO and upper management. The project manager receives feedback that several administrators are frustrated with the level of detail and the frequency of the updates.
Which of the following is the BEST step for the project manager to take to resolve this issue?

  • A. Stop sending reports and wait for upper management to talk to the project manager about their preferences.
  • B. Customize the reports for each administrator in their preferred manner.
  • C. Start giving verbal reports to upper management so they can hear about the project in person.
  • D. Set up a meeting with the supervisor to discuss and resolve the issue.

Answer: D

When forming a project team, there are a number of phases.
When a project team is productive and effective this phase is known as which of the following?

  • A. Norming
  • B. Forming
  • C. Performing
  • D. Storming

Answer: C

A project requires that laptops be obtained immediately. The project manager confirms existing laptops, which were used for a previous project, are available, but authorization is required to use them. Which of the following risk response strategies does this represent?

  • A. Transfer
  • B. Accept
  • C. Exploit
  • D. Mitigate

Answer: C

Two team members are arguing over two different approaches to complete a task. The project manager listens to both sides, determines neither approach will work, and directs the team members to use a third option.
This type of conflict resolution is known as:

  • A. forcing.
  • B. smoothing.
  • C. avoiding.
  • D. compromising.

Answer: A

Explanation/Reference: Kim Heldman, CompTIA Project+ Study Guide, 2nd Edition, Sybex, Indianapolis, 2017, p. 200

A project manager is managing a project with a hard deadline in two weeks. At the current rate of progress, the project will not finish on time.
Which of the following techniques is MOST likely to be used to complete the project on time?

  • A. Crashing
  • B. Throttling
  • C. Resource leveling
  • D. Resource smoothing

Answer: A

References: Kim Heldman, CompTIA Project+ Study Guide, 2nd Edition, Sybex, Indianapolis, 2017, p. 170


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