Half the Sky- Chapters 3 and 4

Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist최고품질덤프데모다운 - Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist최고합격덤프

Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist최고품질덤프데모다운 - Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist최고합격덤프

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Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist최고품질 덤프데모 다운, Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist최고합격덤프, Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist시험대비 최신 덤프모음집, Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist유효한 공부, Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist퍼펙트 덤프공부자료

여러분이 어떤 업계에서 어떤 일을 하든지 모두 항상 업그레이되는 자신을 원할 것입니다.,it업계에서도 이러합니다.모두 자기자신의 업그레이는 물론 자기만의 공간이 있기를 바랍니다.전문적인 IT인사들은 모두 아시다싶이Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist인증시험이 여러분의 이러한 요구를 만족시켜드립니다.그리고 우리 Itcertkr는 이러한 꿈을 이루어드립니다.

Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist 시험요강:

주제 1
  • demonstrate appropriate and effective subscriber acquisition methodologies
  • Configure segmentation tools to accurately model subscribers and data
주제 2
  • Send and deploy an email campaign to meet the customer requirement
  • apply best practices of communicating with a population
주제 3
  • Explain the different metrics available for email campaigns and what each one means
  • Given an email message design, determine the correct use of Approvals
주제 4
  • Evaluate the elements and techniques of email marketing to design an effective email campaign
  • Determine how to import data into Marketing Cloud as per best practices
주제 5
  • Describe various send capabilities in the Email application
  • Configure the appropriate marketing automation tools
주제 6
  • Configure and run Marketing Cloud ad hoc and automated reports
  • Recommend Marketing Cloud tools to use when preparing an email for send
주제 7
  • Create and customize an email message to meet a customer's need
  • Describe the steps involved to analyze the performance results

>> Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist최고품질 덤프데모 다운 <<

Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist최고합격덤프 & Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist시험대비 최신 덤프모음집

여러분은 우리. Itcertkr의Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist시험자료 즉 덤프의 문제와 답만 있으시면Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist인증시험을 아주 간단하게 패스하실 수 있습니다.그리고 관련 업계에서 여러분의 지위상승은 자연적 이로 이루어집니다. Itcertkr의 덤프를 장바구니에 넣으세요. 그리고 Itcertkr에서는 무료로 24시간 온라인상담이 있습니다.

최신 Salesforce Marketers Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist 무료샘플문제 (Q47-Q52):

질문 # 47
How can AMP script customize email messages?

  • A. Automate the template creation process.
    1. Northern Train Outfitters wants to display different content
    areas based on the subscriber data.
    What can be used to accomplish
    this? Choose 2 answers
  • B. Insert responsive content based on the user's viewing device.
  • C. Automate the flow of creating email messages.
  • D. Personalization Strings
  • E. Dynamic Content
  • F. AMP script
  • G. Provide advanced content personalization
  • H. Profile Mapping


질문 # 48
Northern Trail Outfitter's Quality Assurance process requires that a team of users evaluates all parameters of an email send, including Email, Subject Line, Send Classification, and other properties, prior to manually sending the email.
What tool in Email Studio enables a marketer to save and execute a send manually?

  • A. Send Activity
  • B. User-Initiated Email
  • C. Send Flow
  • D. Guided Send


질문 # 49
Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is currently sending out a single welcome email when a subscriber joins its myNTO Rewards program. NTO wants to test whether one, two, or three welcome emails would result in a higher rate of conversion.
How can this be accomplished most efficiently?

  • A. Journey Builder using a Decision Split with three branches.
  • B. Journey Builder using a Random Split with three branches.
  • C. A series of A/В tests to determine the number of emails.
  • D. Automation Studio with three separate Welcome automations.



질문 # 50
A marketer wants to send emails to segments that are created from multiple data extensions on a daily basis.
The daily sends kicks off a complex campaign with multiple messages in both Email and Mobile Which action should they take to execute the campaign?

  • A. Use Automation Studio Filtering, Messaging, and wait activities.
  • B. Use Journey Builder Recurring Entry Source, Messaging, and Flow Control Activities
  • C. Use Automation Studio query for segmentation and Journey Builder for Messaging and Flow.


질문 # 51
Which Classic content tool mirrors the logic used by spam-filtering software to identify words, phrases, and patterns that
are likely to trigger filters and then recommends a resolution to each identified problem in an email? Choose one answer.

  • A. Triggered Send
  • B. Content Builder
  • C. Inbox Preview
  • D. Content Detective



질문 # 52

Salesforce인증 Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist시험은 IT인증시험중 가장 인기있는 시험입니다. Salesforce인증 Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist시험패스는 모든 IT인사들의 로망입니다. Itcertkr의 완벽한 Salesforce인증 Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist덤프로 시험준비하여 고득점으로 자격증을 따보세요.

Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist최고합격덤프: https://www.itcertkr.com/Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist_exam.html