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Free PDF Quiz Salesforce Marvelous CRT-211 Valid Test Objectives

Free PDF Quiz Salesforce Marvelous CRT-211 Valid Test Objectives

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Introduction to Salesforce Certification Preparation for Advanced Administrator CRT 211 Exam

The Salesforce-CRT 211 exam is a competency-based certification exam that recognizes your knowledge of next-level techniques to administer and manage Salesforce's CRM capabilities through guided scenarios, lecture, and discussion.

>> CRT-211 Valid Test Objectives <<

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Salesforce Certification Preparation for Advanced Administrator Sample Questions (Q49-Q54):

A sales manager is receiving an "insufficient privileges" error when viewing a contact. The contact owner is under the manager in the role hierarchy and
"grant access using hierarchies"is checked in their sharing settings. Why is the sales manager not able to view the contact? * (1 Point) The contact sharing settings are controlled by the parent, and the account owner is

  • A. The contact sharing settings are private, so access to the record is omitted to the contact owner and system administrator
  • B. The account sharing settings are controlled by the parent, and the account owner is NOT under the sales manager's role
  • C. The contact owner has NOT selected the option to share contacts with others in the role hierarchy
  • D. NOT under the sales manager's role

Answer: D

What are types of tagging available in Library / Workspace / Content ? Choose 3

  • A. Restricted Tagging
  • B. Public Tagging
  • C. Private Tagging
  • D. Open to all Tagging
  • E. Protected Tagging
  • F. Open Tagging
  • G. Guided Tagging

Answer: A,F,G

The distributors at Cloud Kicks are eligible for support based on a specific service contract-How should the administrator show this in Salesforce?

  • A. Use entitlement management.
  • B. Add a service contract to the record.
  • C. Turn on Service Cloud.
  • D. Build a new custom object.

Answer: A

How can you ensure that the Account Name is unique?

  • A. Use the HLOOKUP operator in a validation rule for the account name
  • B. Edit Account Name field and select Unique Checkbox
  • C. Use the VLOOKUP operator in a validation rule for the account name
  • D. Use an APEX Trigger

Answer: C

VP of Sales wants to automatically add the account name to the opportunity name once a record is saved. How can this be done?

  • A. Use an Apex Trigger
  • B. Create a Workflow Rule with an immediate workflow trigger to update the opportunity name field
  • C. Enforce an opportunity naming guideline for Sales Reps

Answer: B


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