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PEGAPCSSA87V1 Trustworthy Pdf - Well-Prepared PEGAPCSSA87V1 Test Dump and Correct Pega Certified Senior System Architect (PCSSA) 87V1 Reliable Test Sample

PEGAPCSSA87V1 Trustworthy Pdf - Well-Prepared PEGAPCSSA87V1 Test Dump and Correct Pega Certified Senior System Architect (PCSSA) 87V1 Reliable Test Sample

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>> PEGAPCSSA87V1 Trustworthy Pdf <<

PEGAPCSSA87V1 Test Dump & PEGAPCSSA87V1 Reliable Test Sample

Technologies are changing at a very rapid pace. Therefore, the Pega Certified Senior System Architect (PCSSA) 87V1 in Procurement and Supply Pegasystems has become very significant to validate expertise and level up career. Success in the Pega Certified Senior System Architect (PCSSA) 87V1 examination helps you meet the ever-changing dynamics of the tech industry. To advance your career, you must register for the Pega Certified Senior System Architect (PCSSA) 87V1 PEGAPCSSA87V1 in Procurement and Supply Pegasystems test and put all your efforts to crack the Pegasystems PEGAPCSSA87V1 challenging examination.

Pegasystems PEGAPCSSA87V1 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Differentiate between work groups, work queues, and organizational structures
  • Extend service-level agreement configurations
Topic 2
  • Identify how circumstancing affects application behavior
  • Migrate an application; use of product rules
Topic 3
  • Address integration errors in connectors
  • Circumstance rules on a single variable or multiple variables
Topic 4
  • Differentiate between the delivery options for mobile devices
  • Organize and manage case attachments
Topic 5
  • Differentiate between a queue processor and a job scheduler
  • Create an application with the New Application wizard
Topic 6
  • Identify the role and impacts of application versioning; Use of ruleset skimming
  • Branch rulesets for parallel development
Topic 7
  • Review log files: Distinguish system events and performance events
  • Identify the role and elements of activities in case processing
Topic 8
  • Design reports with multiple sources; associations and joins
  • Measure System Performance; use of performance-related tools
Topic 9
  • Design applications for mobile use; use of certificate sets
  • Configure flow action pre- and post- processing
Topic 10
  • Expose an application with a web service
  • Understand the rule resolution process; adjust rule availability

Pegasystems Pega Certified Senior System Architect (PCSSA) 87V1 Sample Questions (Q101-Q106):

A class group is used to____________________.

  • A. combine related properties by usage
  • B. assign work to a specific group of users
  • C. associate child classes with a single database table
  • D. identify a layer of the Enterprise Class Structure

Answer: D

The Static Assembler is used to address rules assembly issues due to which cause?

  • A. A new application is migrated to the production system.
  • B. Access groups contain multiple production rulesets.
  • C. The application record lists several branch rulesets.
  • D. The server is managing a large number of rules caches.

Answer: D

An application contains the class group MyCo-HR-SelfService-Work. There are two classes derived from Work- class:
If a report is created in MyCo-HR-SelfService-Work, what instances will the report return?

  • A. Instances of MyCo-HR-SeifService-Work-TimeOffana' MyCo-HR-SelfService-Work-Expense, unless they are stored in different database tables
  • B. Instances of MyCo-HR-SelfService-Work
  • C. Instances of all Work- derived classes
  • D. Instances of MyCo-HR-SelfService-Work-TimeOff and MyCo-HR-SelfService-Work-Expense

Answer: A

Which three options do you consider when deciding to use post-processing actions on a flow action? (Choose Three)

  • A. The timing of the commit for the flow action
  • B. The potential reuse of the flow action
  • C. The sequence in which the system runs different actions
  • D. The effect if the flow action is reloaded
  • E. The security setting for the flow action

Answer: B,C,D

In MLP2, the business asks you to create a mobile app for an existing Pega Platform application.
Which two of the following actions are required to create the mobile app? (Choose Two)

  • A. Configure the mobile application access in Dev Studio.
  • B. Create a certificate set.
  • C. Set up push notifications for developers.
  • D. Configure access to the Pega Mobile Build Server.

Answer: B,D


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