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100% Pass ACFE CFE-Financial-Transactions-and-Fraud-Schemes - First-grade Certified Fraud Examiner - Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes Exam Sample Test Online

100% Pass ACFE CFE-Financial-Transactions-and-Fraud-Schemes - First-grade Certified Fraud Examiner - Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes Exam Sample Test Online

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ACFE CFE-Financial-Transactions-and-Fraud-Schemes Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Fraud Prevention and Deterrence
Topic 2
  • Demonstrate knowledge of interviewing, taking statements, obtaining information from public records
Topic 3
  • Demonstrate knowledge of tracing illicit transactions, evaluating deception and report writing
Topic 4
  • Ensures the familiarity with the many legal ramifications of conducting fraud examinations
Topic 5
  • Demonstrate knowledge of fraud risk assessment, and the ACFE Code of Professional Ethics.
Topic 6
  • Demonstrate knowledge of criminal and civil law, rules of evidence, rights of the accused and accuser, and expert witness matters
Topic 7
  • Tests your comprehension of the types of fraudulent financial transactions incurred in accounting records
Topic 8
  • Demonstrate knowledge of crime causation, white-collar crime, occupational fraud, fraud prevention

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ACFE Certified Fraud Examiner - Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes Exam Sample Questions (Q59-Q64):

__________ are the amounts which are owned to other entities:

  • A. Liabilities
  • B. Expenses
  • C. Supplies
  • D. Assets

Answer: A

_________ normally are carried on an organization's books as expenses because they tend to be consumed by the organization within a year of purchase.

  • A. Expenses
  • B. Supplies
  • C. Equity
  • D. Assets

Answer: B

A running count that records how much inventory should be on hand is referred to:

  • A. Shrinking inventory
  • B. Perpetual inventory
  • C. Altered inventory
  • D. Fictitious inventory

Answer: B

Multiple cashiers operate from a single cash drawer without separate access codes is a red flag for:

  • A. Disbursement scheme
  • B. Force inventory scheme
  • C. Fraudulent scheme
  • D. Register scheme

Answer: D

Jones is an accounts payable clerk at Smith Company. He intentionally sent the wrong vendor a check for some supplies. He then called the vendor, explained his "mistake", and requested that the vendor mail back the check. Jones then intercepted the returned check and deposited it in his own account. What type of scheme did he commit?

  • A. A pass-through scheme
  • B. An altered payee scheme
  • C. A pay and return scheme
  • D. A shell company scheme

Answer: C

Explanation/Reference: https://www.gma-cpa.com/blog/billing-schemes-3-ways-fraudsters-can-cash-in-on-your-nonprofit#:~:text=Also%20known%20as%20a%20%E2%80%9Cpay,doesn't%20know%20it's%20occurring


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