Half the Sky- Chapters 3 and 4

1z0-1064-22試験の準備方法|便利な1z0-1064-22資格問題集試験|認定するOracle B2B Service 2022 Implementation Professional学習指導

1z0-1064-22試験の準備方法|便利な1z0-1064-22資格問題集試験|認定するOracle B2B Service 2022 Implementation Professional学習指導

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1z0-1064-22資格問題集, 1z0-1064-22学習指導, 1z0-1064-22勉強の資料, 1z0-1064-22日本語受験教科書, 1z0-1064-22日本語関連対策


Oracle 1z0-1064-22 認定試験の出題範囲:

トピック 1
  • Identify common SR searches
  • Use tools used to configure and customize B2B Service
トピック 2
  • Explain B2B service integration architecture and mechanisms
  • Describe the B2B Service security model
トピック 3
  • Describe common SR processing activities
  • Identify mechanisms of B2B Service customization
トピック 4
  • Configure a Service Request Category
  • Describe DCS components (products, contact, KM, SR creator, admin)
トピック 5
  • Describe DCS enablement activities (profiles, roles, authentication)
  • Implement an SR assignment mapping

>> 1z0-1064-22資格問題集 <<


Oracle問題集では、オンラインでPDF、ソフトウェア、APPなど、3つのバージョンの1z0-1064-22ガイド資料を利用できます。最も人気のあるものは当社の1z0-1064-22試験問題のPDFバージョンであり、このバージョンの利便性を完全に楽しむことができます。これは主にデモがあるため、1z0-1064-22模擬試験の種類を選択するのに役立ちますあなたにふさわしく、正しい選択をします。 PDF版の1z0-1064-22学習資料を紙に印刷して、メモを書いたり強調を強調したりすることができます。

Oracle B2B Service 2022 Implementation Professional 認定 1z0-1064-22 試験問題 (Q65-Q70):

質問 # 65
Your customer wants to have a vertical Media Toolbar instead of the Horizontal one.
Which statement is true?

  • A. The only Vertical Toolbar that you can enable is the Notifications Toolbar.
  • B. The Vertical Toolbar is always required, while the Horizontal Toolbar and notifications are optional.
  • C. You must set the Vertical Toolbar as the Default, and deactivate all Horizon Toolbars.
  • D. The Horizontal Toolbar is always required, while the Vertical Toolbar and notifications are optional.


質問 # 66
Your customer sells a wide variety of Mobile phones. To classify service requests efficiently you plan to create a new primary category called Mobile Phones.
Which four steps are required to define this new category?

  • A. Select Status = "Active".
  • B. Select the task Manage Service Request Categories.
  • C. Select Create Category > Create Top-Level Category.
  • D. Check the Active flag.
  • E. Select Create Category > Create Child Category.
  • F. Complete Category Name.
  • G. Select Service Catalog in Functional Areas.


質問 # 67
Given the entitlement rules below, if a high-severity service request (SR) is created on Thursday at 2 PM, which two options are true?
Condition Column Severity = High
Calendar = 9AM to 5 PM, Monday - Friday, US EST
Resolution Metric = 2880
Resolution Warning Threshold 120
First Response Metric = 360
First Response Warning Threshold

  • A. Resolution is due on Saturday, 2 PM EST.
  • B. If no action is taken on the SR, First Response warning will occur on Friday, 9 AM EST.
  • C. First Response is due on Friday, 12 noon EST.
  • D. If the SR is not resolved, Resolution warning will occur on Monday, 12 noon EST.


質問 # 68
You want to configure the workflow for the standard Service Request (SR) object. Which four actions can you do?

  • A. You can send an e-mail notification to specified recipients.
  • B. You will be required to code any new workflow actions in Groovy.
  • C. You can modify the workflow to update field values within the SR object.
  • D. You must make the changes using the Page Composer tool.
  • E. You can generate tasks for the SR object from the workflow.
  • F. You can define the workflow to run when certain fields of the SR object are changed.


質問 # 69
You created two assignment rules for service requests using the Use Score option. For some service requests both rules return a result with the same total points.
What will be the expected result in the assignment of a queue for these service requests?

  • A. The service request assignment will be unpredictable.
  • B. The queue defined by default is the one assigned to the service request.
  • C. The queue defined in the first evaluated rule is always assigned to the service request.
  • D. An error will occur; no queue is assigned to the service request.


質問 # 70

1z0-1064-22試験のダンプでは、鮮明な例と正確なチャートを追加して、直面する可能性のある例外的なケースを刺激します。 1z0-1064-22ガイドTorrentは、試験資料の世界有数のプロバイダーの1つとして知られています。 1z0-1064-22テストの質問は、さらなるパートナーシップのために1年半の価格で無料で更新されます。

1z0-1064-22学習指導: https://www.xhs1991.com/1z0-1064-22.html