Half the Sky- Chapters 3 and 4

1z0-1034-22덤프문제집, 1z0-1034-22시험준비

1z0-1034-22덤프문제집, 1z0-1034-22시험준비

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1z0-1034-22덤프문제집, 1z0-1034-22시험준비, 1z0-1034-22최신버전 덤프자료, 1z0-1034-22퍼펙트 최신 덤프모음집, 1z0-1034-22유효한 덤프자료

최근 IT 업종에 종사하는 분들이 점점 늘어가는 추세하에 경쟁이 점점 치열해지고 있습니다. IT인증시험은 국제에서 인정받는 효력있는 자격증을 취득하는 과정으로서 널리 알려져 있습니다. PassTIP의 Oracle인증 1z0-1034-22덤프는IT인증시험의 한 과목인 Oracle인증 1z0-1034-22시험에 대비하여 만들어진 시험전 공부자료인데 높은 시험적중율과 친근한 가격으로 많은 사랑을 받고 있습니다.

Oracle 1z0-1034-22 시험요강:

주제 1
  • Create debugging within B2C Service
  • Describe the uses of Connect for PHP in CP
주제 2
  • Describe Controllers and their uses and uses of AJAX for widget
  • controller interaction
  • Use Site Administration tools using .NET console (Agent Desktop)
주제 3
  • Understand the structure of a CP page and modify page params, logic and settings
  • Describe a model and its uses including the use of Hooks
주제 4
  • Use the Connect webservices with desktop add-ins
  • Execute ROQL Queries including Special Queries
주제 5
  • Customize Mobile Sites and pageset mappings
  • Run Analytics Reports using Connect for SOAP
주제 6
  • Use Javascript and the Browser control for integration
  • Describe the importance of Internationalization
주제 7
  • Connect Web Services for SOAP with Add-Ins including troubleshooting
  • Use CP admin area, identify CP environments and understand deployment processes
주제 8
  • Describe CRUD Operations using Web Services for SOAP
  • Describe the purpose of the Connect Common Object Model

>> 1z0-1034-22덤프문제집 <<

1z0-1034-22시험준비 - 1z0-1034-22최신버전 덤프자료

PassTIP의Oracle인증 1z0-1034-22덤프의 인지도는 아주 높습니다. 인지도 높은 원인은Oracle인증 1z0-1034-22덤프의 시험적중율이 높고 가격이 친근하고 구매후 서비스가 끝내주기 때문입니다. PassTIP의Oracle인증 1z0-1034-22덤프로Oracle인증 1z0-1034-22시험에 도전해보세요.

최신 CX Service 1z0-1034-22 무료샘플문제 (Q21-Q26):

질문 # 21
The following C#.Net code is used during a chaining operation on an incident (some called methods are not shown).

  • A. The idspecified attribute of the ChainSourceld object should be true,
  • B. Chaining with generic objects is not supported when using standard objects.
  • C. The suppressRules option must always be set to true when chaining generic objects.
  • D. The suppressExternaiEvents option must always be set to true.


질문 # 22
In the logic. j3 file of a custom widget, a developer needs to make an AJAX request to a function "fetchData" of custom controller "cuatcontroi" and fetch data in JSON format. The developer has to pass value "25" as the searchtem parameter to fetch this specific record. Which is the correct script to implement this?

  • A. Option B
  • B. Option A
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option D


질문 # 23
Which three are functions of Object Designer?

  • A. ability to create custom objects
  • B. ability to configure business rules for custom objects
  • C. ability to create custom fields
  • D. ability to import data
  • E. ability to create menu-only objects
  • F. ability to create system attributes


질문 # 24
You are implementing the Syndicated ProactiveChat widget on an external page.
Custom JavaScript is used to display the widget's chat request dialog box based on custom logic not provided by the widget. How can you disable the ability for the widget's chat request dialog box to display automatically?

  • A. Set the timeout attribute to o and call the offerchato method on the widget's instance object to open the widget's chat request dialog box.
  • B. Set the seconds attribute to o and call the offerchat o method on the widget's instance object to open the widget's chat request dialog box.
  • C. Set the timeout attribute to null and call the global offerchat () method.
  • D. Set the seconds attribute to o and fire the moffersyndicatedchat event, passing in the ID of the widget's Instance object as an argument.


질문 # 25
Within add-ins, web-service calls must be handled with care in order to avoid performance concerns.
Identify two ways to support maintaining a responsive agent interface when using Connect Web Services for SOAP from an add-in.

  • A. Implement a distinct model for each of your addins to avoid network contention.
  • B. Update your user interface thread from your network-call thread to allow real time status updates.
  • C. Implement a caching mechanism, and a data expiration mechanism, within your model to avoid duplicate network traffic.
  • D. Run network calls within a separate thread to avoid locking the user interface.
  • E. Identify your most common requests and pre-load those data in the getcontrol1 ( ) method of each of your add-ins.


질문 # 26

PassTIP의 제품들은 모두 우리만의 거대한IT업계엘리트들로 이루어진 그룹 즉 관련업계예서 권위가 있는 전문가들이 자기만의 지식과 지금까지의 경험으로 최고의 IT인증관련자료를 만들어냅니다. PassTIP의 문제와 답은 정확도 적중률이 아주 높습니다. 우리의 덤프로 완벽한Oracle인증1z0-1034-22시험대비를 하시면 되겠습니다. 이렇게 어려운 시험은 우리Oracle인증1z0-1034-22덤프로 여러분의 고민과 꿈을 한방에 해결해드립니다.

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