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Newest DES-6322 Learning Materials: Specialist - Implementation Engineer, VxRail Exam Deliver Splendid Exam Braindumps

Newest DES-6322 Learning Materials: Specialist - Implementation Engineer, VxRail Exam Deliver Splendid Exam Braindumps

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The career path to becoming a DELL Systems Engineer:

In general, system engineers work in different departments of an organization where they help smaller teams with their projects for bigger organizations, such as government agencies or corporations. Affirmed System Engineers are required to keep up with trends in technology so that they can serve their clients with the most efficient system solutions. Started as an assistant, the system engineer will quickly move up to the position of team lead or project manager depending on their abilities and their business. Exist system engineers who move from their individual specialist position to a generalist position.

EMC Specialist - Implementation Engineer, VxRail Exam Sample Questions (Q99-Q104):

What is the correct CLI command to collect only the vCenter logs on VxRail Manager

  • A. vc-support.sh -v
  • B. generateLogBundle.py -c
  • C. vc-support-bundle.sh -c
  • D. generateFullBundle.py -v

Answer: B

After implementation, the implementation engineer observes errors from both VxRail Manager and vCenter Server. Dell EMC support has requested a log bundle containing only the required log files. Using the simulator, create and download a log bundle for Dell EMC support.
When you have finished, continue to the next question.


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What is the minimum number of VxRail nodes required for a vSAN storage policy with RAID-6 (Erasure Coding)?

  • A. 0
  • B. 1
  • C. 2
  • D. 3

Answer: C

What is a difference between vSAN Data-In-Transit Encryption and vSAN Data-At-Rest-Encryption?

  • A. Data-In-Transit Encryption: Encrypts traffic between VMs and the VxRail nodes Data-At-Rest Encryption: Encrypts traffic between VxRail nodes only
  • B. Data-In-Transit Encryption: Does not require a Key Management Server Data-At-Rest Encryption: Requires a Key Management Server
  • C. Data-In-Transit Encryption: Addresses fear of media theft Data-At-Rest Encryption: Addresses fear of rogue administrators
  • D. Data-In-Transit Encryption: Key Management Server must reside on the vSAN cluster Data-At-Rest Encryption: Key Management Server can reside on the vSAN cluster

Answer: B


Use the VxRail simulator to explore the system. What is the presented configuration?
Note: It fs necessary to close (x) the simulator window before you can select a response to this question.

  • A. Internal vCenter and external DNS
  • B. Internal vCenter and Internal DNS
  • C. External vCenter and internal DNS
  • D. External vCenter and external DNS

Answer: A


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