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BAP18시험패스 인증공부자료, BAP18인기문제모음, BAP18자격증공부자료, BAP18최신버전 시험공부, BAP18퍼펙트 최신 덤프문제

관심있는 인증시험과목BCS BAP18덤프의 무료샘플을 원하신다면 덤프구매사이트의 PDF Version Demo 버튼을 클릭하고 메일주소를 입력하시면 바로 다운받아BCS BAP18덤프의 일부분 문제를 체험해 보실수 있습니다. PDF버전외에 온라인버전과 테스트엔버전 Demo도 다운받아 보실수 있습니다.

BCS BAP18 시험요강:

주제 1
  • Explain the role of the doing activities in conducting the work of the transformation
  • Apply the PESTLE technique to analyse the external environment of an organisation
주제 2
  • Identify that there are three areas of competency for a BA
  • Explain the rationale for building conceptual models of a business situation
주제 3
  • Apply the resource audit technique to analyse the internal environment of an organisation
  • strategic analysis and definition; business analysis; IT systems analysis
주제 4
  • Explain the role of monitoring and control activities
  • Explain the role of the BA throughout the stages of the business change lifecycle
주제 5
  • Show understanding of how the five types of high level activity within a business activity model
  • Apply the CATWOE technique to explore stakeholder business perspectives
주제 6
  • Explain the role of the enabling activities
  • Explain the rationale for taking a holistic view when investigating a business situation
주제 7
  • Describe stakeholders in terms of their power
  • influence and level of interest
  • Apply Porter’s Five Forces technique to analyse the external environment of an organisation

>> BAP18시험패스 인증공부자료 <<

BAP18인기문제모음 - BAP18자격증공부자료

인재도 많고 경쟁도 많은 이 사회에, 업계인재들은 인기가 아주 많습니다.하지만 팽팽한 경쟁률도 무시할 수 없습니다.많은 BCS인재들도 어려운 인증시험을 패스하여 자기만의 자리를 지키고 있습니다.우리ITDumpsKR에서는 마침 전문적으로 이러한 BCS인사들에게 편리하게 시험을 BAP18패스할수 있도록 유용한 자료들을 제공하고 있습니다.

최신 BCS Business Analysis BAP18 무료샘플문제 (Q21-Q26):

질문 # 21
A company has decided to change one of its financial Key Performance indicators (KPIs). It has traditionally measured profit through its gross profit margin, however, it now wishes to measure It through it Return on Capital Employed (ROCE).
The following activities are on the consensus Business Activity Model (BAM) a) Take control action b) Monitor performance targets c) Define performance targets.
d) Define target customers
Which of these would the event 'amend KPI' affect?

  • A. b, c and d.
  • B. a only.
  • C. a. b and d.
  • D. c only.


질문 # 22
A Business Analyst is reviewing the stakeholder management strategy for a high profile I Human Resources (HR) protect.
Following an organizational restructure, Harvey's role has changed from Director of Operations to Director of HR and he has Inherited sponsorship of the project. Harvey was previously involved in the project, but had little interest because his focus was on the Operational Projects that he sponsored.
Which of the following sets of stakeholder management strategies represent appropriate approaches for Harvey; firstly for when the project started and secondly now that his role has changed?

  • A. Keep watch; Constant active management
  • B. Keep on side; Constant active management
  • C. Ignore; Constant active management
  • D. Ignore; Keep informed.


질문 # 23
The following statements have been made about the consensus Business Activity Model a) Describes how a business process should operate.
b) Describes what a business system should be able to do.
c) A conceptual model.
d) Usually produced before requirements are defined.
e) Includes all stakeholders' perspectives
Which of the statements are TRUE?

  • A. a., d and e.
  • B. a, b and c.
  • C. b, c and d
  • D. b, c and e.


The consensus Business Activity Model (BAM) is a conceptual model that describes what a business system should be able to do, and it is usually produced before requirements are defined. It does not describe how a business process should operate, nor does it include all stakeholders' perspectives.

질문 # 24
A company produces kitchens to order. Customers specify the design of the kitchen by using a computer-aided design tool, provided on the company's website. The tool allows customers to select products, such as cabinets and cookers, and place them into a floor plan of the kitchen that they have specified.
Once the customer confirms the design, an order is placed and the customer is given a planned installation date for the kitchen. The company orders the raw materials for the kitchen and the kitchen is built by its skilled carpenters The customer can track the progress of the build on the Internet. If the kitchen Is likely to be delivered later than originally promised, a control action is taken to bring it back on schedule A Business Activity Model (BAM) developed for the company has 'sell bespoke kitchens' as its doing activity.
Which of the following activities would be directly linked by a logical dependency arrow to or from this doing activity?

  • A. Track build
  • B. Determine range of products.
  • C. Define carpentry skills
  • D. Take control action


질문 # 25
BuildCo is small building company with the stall. The owner to reduce time spent on administration by simplifying the company's paperwork. This paperwork includes provides quotes and invoices, as well as managing orders and receipts for building materials.
Most of the paperwork is completed manually and copies are stored in filing cabinets. However, quotes and invoices are produced on a word processor and the stored on a computer, with printed copies also stored in the filing cabinets. The owner is not sure that all the current paperwork is necessary.
Which investigation technique would be MOST effective in establishing the need for item of paperwork?

  • A. Interviews
  • B. Workshop
  • C. Questionnaire
  • D. Document Analysis


질문 # 26

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