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Professional-Cloud-Developer Valid Test Book | Professional-Cloud-Developer Practice Guide

Professional-Cloud-Developer Valid Test Book | Professional-Cloud-Developer Practice Guide

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A full Google Professional-Cloud-Developer package is required to take each Success in Life. If you want to be successful, you need to prepare well for the Google Certified Professional - Cloud Developer Professional-Cloud-Developer exam. Buying the right Google Professional-Cloud-Developer Exam Preparation Materials is one way to prepare for it. With the right study tools, you can easily prepare for the Google Certified Professional - Cloud Developer. Whether you want to study Google Professional-Cloud-Developer Exam or pass other Google Certified Professional - Cloud Developer exam, if you want to prepare for Google Professional-Cloud-Developer exam, you can choose Google Professional-Cloud-Developer Valid Exam Questions exam.

Target Audience and Prerequisites

The Google Professional Cloud Developer certification exam is intended for those App Developers who are involved in designing and building applications to run on Google Cloud Platform. These specialists should be familiar with the Google Cloud Platform products, such as Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, Security Key Enforcement, as well as BigQuery.

There are no obligatory requirements that the candidates need to meet to become eligible for the qualifying test. Nevertheless, the target individuals are recommended to have three or more years of industry experience, including one or more years of experience in designing and managing solutions using Google Cloud. Besides that, the students need to develop a comprehensive understanding of the exam topics.

Who should take the Google Professional Cloud Developer exam

Individuals should pursue the Google Professional Cloud Developer Exam if they want to demonstrate their expertise and ability to design highly scalable, available, and reliable cloud-native applications and deploy applications. It's perfect for solutions and/or enterprise architects, systems administrators or operations team members or simply any professional who wants in on this specific area of IT and cloud. A Professional Cloud Developer should have skills at producing meaningful metrics and logs to debug and trace code and proficiency with at least one general-purpose programming language.

What is the duration, language, and format of Google Professional Cloud Developer Exam

  • Length of Examination: 240 minutes
  • Language: English
  • Number of Questions: 50-60
  • Passing score: 80%
  • Format: Multiple choices, multiple select

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Google Professional-Cloud-Developer Practice Guide - Exam Professional-Cloud-Developer Vce

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Google Certified Professional - Cloud Developer Sample Questions (Q172-Q177):

You want to create "fully baked" or "golden" Compute Engine images for your application. You need to bootstrap your application to connect to the appropriate database according to the environment the application is running on (test, staging, production). What should you do?

  • A. When creating the Compute Engine instance, create a metadata item with a key of "DATABASE" and a value for the appropriate database connection string. In your application, read the "DATABASE" environment variable, and use the value to connect to the appropriate database.
  • B. When creating the Compute Engine instance, create a metadata item with a key of "DATABASE" and a value for the appropriate database connection string. In your application, query the metadata server for the "DATABASE" value, and use the value to connect to the appropriate database.
  • C. Embed the appropriate database connection string in the image. Create a different image for each environment.
  • D. When creating the Compute Engine instance, add a tag with the name of the database to be connected. In your application, query the Compute Engine API to pull the tags for the current instance, and use the tag to construct the appropriate database connection string.

Answer: A

Your company stores their source code in a Cloud Source Repositories repository. Your company wants to build and test their code on each source code commit to the repository and requires a solution that is managed and has minimal operations overhead.
Which method should they use?

  • A. Use Jenkins deployed via the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace, configured to watch for source code commits.
  • B. Use a source code commit trigger to push a message to a Cloud Pub/Sub topic that triggers an App Engine service to build the source code.
  • C. Use Cloud Build with a trigger configured for each source code commit.
  • D. Use a Compute Engine virtual machine instance with an open source continuous integration tool, configured to watch for source code commits.

Answer: C

You have an application in production. It is deployed on Compute Engine virtual machine instances controlled by a managed instance group. Traffic is routed to the instances via a HTTP(s) load balancer. Your users are unable to access your application. You want to implement a monitoring technique to alert you when the application is unavailable.
Which technique should you choose?

  • A. Managed instance group - heath checks
  • B. Stackdriver uptime checks
  • C. Smoke tests
  • D. Cloud Load Balancing - heath checks

Answer: B

Reference: https://medium.com/google-cloud/stackdriver-monitoring-automation-part-3-uptime-checks-

Your existing application keeps user state information in a single MySQL database. This state information is very user-specific and depends heavily on how long a user has been using an application. The MySQL database is causing challenges to maintain and enhance the schema for various users.
Which storage option should you choose?

  • A. Cloud Storage
  • B. Cloud Datastore/Firestore
  • C. Cloud Spanner
  • D. Cloud SQL

Answer: D

You are developing an ecommerce web application that uses App Engine standard environment and Memorystore for Redis. When a user logs into the app, the application caches the user's information (e.g., session, name, address, preferences), which is stored for quick retrieval during checkout.
While testing your application in a browser, you get a 502 Bad Gateway error. You have determined that the application is not connecting to Memorystore. What is the reason for this error?

  • A. Your Memorystore for Redis instance was deployed without a public IP address.
  • B. You configured your application to use a Serverless VPC Access connector on a different subnet in a different availability zone than your App Engine instance.
  • C. You configured your Serverless VPC Access connector in a different region than your App Engine instance.
  • D. The firewall rule allowing a connection between App Engine and Memorystore was removed during an infrastructure update by the DevOps team.

Answer: A


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