Half the Sky- Chapters 3 and 4

1z0-1035-22 Pruefungssimulationen, 1z0-1035-22 Echte Fragen

1z0-1035-22 Pruefungssimulationen, 1z0-1035-22 Echte Fragen

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Oracle 1z0-1035-22 Prüfungsplan:

Thema 1
  • Explain the correct uses of AND and OR in the same rule, using a grouping operator
  • Describe options for running and testing a policy model
Thema 2
  • Identify the various components of a rule and verify how rules link together
  • Getting Started with Rules
  • User Interface in Intelligent Advisor (IA)
Thema 3
  • Explain the features of Intelligent Advisor mobile applications and related APIs
  • Construct Boolean and non-Boolean attributes from difficult source material
Thema 4
  • Write more complex rules in Microsoft Word using grouping words or phrases
  • Analyze networks of rules, including attribute levels
Thema 5
  • Understand collaboration features and viewing
  • rollback of changes on team projects
Thema 6
  • Embed an interview in Customer Portal, Agent Desktop and BUI, and Chat
  • Identify conclusions and conditions in source material
Thema 7
  • Explain entities, entity-level attributes and entity relationships
  • Define variable attributes and use them in logical comparisons
Thema 8
  • Compare one attribute to another attribute as a condition of a rule
  • Create interview screens that collect entity instances and entity-level data
Thema 9
  • Use controls for creating Interview screens including conditional logic
  • Explain the purpose and use of goals and checkpoints in an interview

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1z0-1035-22 Trainingsmaterialien: Oracle Intelligent Advisor 2022 Implementation Professional & 1z0-1035-22 Lernmittel & Oracle 1z0-1035-22 Quiz

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Oracle Intelligent Advisor 2022 Implementation Professional 1z0-1035-22 Prüfungsfragen mit Lösungen (Q41-Q46):

41. Frage
Refer to the exhibit.
Assuming "the customer's discount threshold" is an existing currency attribute, which two changes should you make to the rule for it to pass Validation?

  • A. Change "the customer's discount threshold" to "the customer's discount threshold =".
  • B. Change "otherwise" to OPM - conclusion style.
  • C. Insert quotation marks around "uncertain".
  • D. Swap column 1 and column 2.
  • E. Remove the $ sign.
  • F. Change "The customer is a silver member" to OPM - level 1 style.
  • G. Change "the customer's discount threshold" to "the customer's discount threshold is".

Antwort: D,F

42. Frage
Which three actions will help avoid or identify a multiply proven attribute error?

  • A. Right-click the attribute on the Project tab to see if the attribute is used in multiple forms.
  • B. Double-click the attribute on the Interview tab to see if the attribute is used on multiple screens.
  • C. Right-click the attribute on the Data tab to see if the attribute is proven in another rule.
  • D. Check the error list on the Rules tab for multiply proven attribute errors.
  • E. Use the "Go To" option in Word to see if the attribute is proven in another rule.

Antwort: A,C,D

43. Frage
You need to develop a rule that will determine the person's income in dollars. Your policy model does not have such an attribute yet.
How can you create this attribute?

  • A. Select "define variable attribute" in the Policy Modeling Toolbar from your rule document.
  • B. Go to the Data Tab in Policy Modeling, then select "define" and enter the details in the new attribute window.
  • C. Develop the rule and save the rule document. The attribute will be automatically added to the data model.
  • D. Go to the Project Tab in the Policy Modeling, then select "inclusions" and then select "new" and enter the details in the new attribute window.

Antwort: A

44. Frage
Your policy model has an entity of "the product". You want to display all of the names for products that cost over a certain price on a form. You added the product name field.
Which set of BI publisher features are required?

  • A. Conditional Region, Repeating Group
  • B. Conditional Region, Conditional Format
  • C. Conditional Region, Table Wizard
  • D. Repeating Group, Table Wizard
  • E. Repeating Group, Conditional Format

Antwort: E

45. Frage
Which two statements are correct about using Collaboration on a Policy Modeling project?

  • A. Collaboration reduces the productivity of policy authoring for any project with more than one person.
  • B. Collaboration does not allow reuse of a project's assets, because projects stored in the repository cannot be reused as project inclusions in other policy modeling projects.
  • C. Collaboration should be used when there are multiple users working on a project at the same time, because it avoids conflicts between user changes by immediately being aware of areas that others are working on.
  • D. Collaboration prevents any charge from being reverted before upload, thus ensuring only valid versions are uploaded.
  • E. Collaboration improves productivity in a multiuser environment by incorporating and merging certain changes made by different users.

Antwort: A,C

46. Frage

Um Ihre Zertifizierungsprüfungen reibungslos erfolgreich zu meistern, brauchen Sie nur unsere Prüfungsfragen und Antworten zu Oracle 1z0-1035-22 (Oracle Intelligent Advisor 2022 Implementation Professional)auswendigzulernen. Viel Erfolg!

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