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Reliable 212-82 Learning Materials & Download 212-82 Demo

Reliable 212-82 Learning Materials & Download 212-82 Demo

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Reliable 212-82 Learning Materials, Download 212-82 Demo, Valid 212-82 Exam Simulator, 212-82 Exam Material, 212-82 Exam Dumps

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ECCouncil 212-82 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Network Security Fundamentals
Topic 2
  • Network Security Controls – Technical Controls
  • IoT and OT Security
Topic 3
  • Network Security Assessment Techniques and Tools
  • Computer Forensics
Topic 4
  • Network Security Controls – Physical Controls
  • Wireless Network Security
Topic 5
  • Identification, Authentication, and Authorization
  • Incident Response
Topic 6
  • Information Security Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Network Traffic Monitoring
Topic 7
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • Risk Management
Topic 8
  • Network Logs Monitoring and Analysis
  • Information Security Attacks
Topic 9
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Mobile Device Security

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ECCouncil Certified Cybersecurity Technician Sample Questions (Q13-Q18):

Kasen, a cybersecurity specialist at an organization, was working with the business continuity and disaster recovery team. The team initiated various business continuity and discovery activities in the organization. In this process, Kasen established a program to restore both the disaster site and the damaged materials to the pre-disaster levels during an incident.
Which of the following business continuity and disaster recovery activities did Kasen perform in the above scenario?

  • A. Response
  • B. Recovery
  • C. Resumption
  • D. Prevention

Answer: B

Miguel, a professional hacker, targeted an organization to gain illegitimate access to its critical information. He identified a flaw in the end-point communication that can disclose the target application's dat a.
Which of the following secure application design principles was not met by the application in the above scenario?

  • A. Secure the weakest link
  • B. Do not trust user input
  • C. Fault tolerance
  • D. Exception handling

Answer: D

A software company has implemented a wireless technology to track the employees' attendance by recording their in and out timings. Each employee in the company will have an entry card that is embedded with a tag. Whenever an employee enters the office premises, he/she is required to swipe the card at the entrance. The wireless technology uses radio-frequency electromagnetic waves to transfer data for automatic identification and for tracking tags attached to objects.
Which of the following technologies has the software company implemented in the above scenario?

  • A. WiMAX
  • B. Bluetooth
  • C. Wi-Fi
  • D. RFID

Answer: D

Kayden successfully cracked the final round of interview at an organization. After few days, he received his offer letter through an official company email address. The email stated that the selected candidate should respond within a specified time. Kayden accepted the opportunity and provided e-signature on the offer letter, then replied to the same email address. The company validated the e-signature and added his details to their database. Here, Kayden could not deny company's message, and company could not deny Kayden's signature.
Which of the following information security elements was described in the above scenario?

  • A. Non-repudiation
  • B. Availability
  • C. Confidentiality
  • D. Integrity

Answer: A

A software company is developing a new software product by following the best practices for secure application development. Dawson, a software analyst, is checking the performance of the application on the client's network to determine whether end users are facing any issues in accessing the application.
Which of the following tiers of a secure application development lifecycle involves checking the performance of the application?

  • A. Quality assurance (QA)
  • B. Testing
  • C. Development
  • D. Staging

Answer: B


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