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Dumps 156-215.81 Vce | New 156-215.81 Test Sample

Dumps 156-215.81 Vce | New 156-215.81 Test Sample

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Dumps 156-215.81 Vce, New 156-215.81 Test Sample, Valid Dumps 156-215.81 Ppt, 156-215.81 Latest Dumps Ppt, 156-215.81 Valid Exam Objectives

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Why is the CheckPoint 156-215.81 Exam so important?

The Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator R81 is a very important certification to have in the IT industry. It is the first step towards a career in cybersecurity and it will lay a foundation for you to build upon.

The CCSA R81 exam is designed to test your knowledge of the most current information security principles and practices. This includes both current and emerging technologies, as well as how they apply to compliance standards. You ll be able to use this knowledge to make informed decisions about both business risks and security controls.

The CCSA R81 exam will help you understand how hackers work, what they are looking for, and how they can exploit vulnerabilities in network solutions. It will also show you how cybercriminals can take advantage of those vulnerabilities without being detected by traditional anti-virus solutions or firewalls. CheckPoint 156-215.81 exam dumps will help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the future.

The CCSA R81 exam is designed so that anyone can take it without special training or experience; however, some background knowledge of IT security principles may help you pass it more easily than others.

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CheckPoint Check Point Certified Security Administrator R81 Sample Questions (Q304-Q309):

How Capsule Connect and Capsule Workspace differ?

  • A. Capsule Connect provides Business data isolation
  • B. Capsule Connect provides a Layer3 VPN. Capsule Workspace provides a Desktop with usable applications
  • C. Capsule Connect does not require an installed application at client
  • D. Capsule Workspace can provide access to any application

Answer: B

Jack works for a managed service provider and he has been tasked to create 17 new policies for several new customers. He does not have much time. What is the BEST way to do this with R80 security management?

  • A. Use Object Explorer in SmartConsole to create the objects and Manage Policies from the menu to create the policies.
  • B. Create a text-file with DBEDIT script that creates all objects and policies. Run the file in the command line of the management server using command dbedit -f.
  • C. Create a text-file with mgmt_cli script that creates all objects and policies. Open the file in SmartConsole Command Line to run it.
  • D. Create a text-file with Gaia CLI -commands in order to create all objects and policies. Run the file in CLISH with command load configuration.

Answer: C

Did you know: mgmt_cli can accept csv files as inputs using the --batch option.
The first row should contain the argument names and the rows below it should hold the values for these parameters.
So an equivalent solution to the powershell script could look like this:
mgmt_cli add host --batch data.csv -u <username> -p <password> -m <management server> This can work with any type of command not just "add host" : simply replace the column names with the ones relevant to the command you need.

Fill in the blanks: The Application Layer Firewalls inspect traffic through the ______ layer(s) of the TCP/IP model and up to and including the ______ layer.

  • A. Upper; Application
  • B. First two; Transport
  • C. Lower; Application
  • D. First two; Internet

Answer: C

application firewalls, or application layer firewalls, use a series of configured policies to determine whether to block or allow communications to or from an app.

Tom has connected to the R80 Management Server remotely using SmartConsole and is in the process of making some Rule Base changes, when he suddenly loses connectivity. Connectivity is restored shortly afterward. What will happen to the changes already made:

  • A. Tom's changes will be lost since he lost connectivity and he will have to start again.
  • B. Tom will have to reboot his SmartConsole computer, and access the Management cache store on that computer, which is only accessible after a reboot.
  • C. Tom's changes will have been stored on the Management when he reconnects and he will not lose any of this work.
  • D. Tom will have to reboot his SmartConsole computer, clear the cache and restore changes.

Answer: C

The Online Activation method is available for Check Point manufactured appliances. How does the administrator use the Online Activation method?

  • A. No action is required if the firewall has internet access and a DNS server to resolve domain names.
  • B. Using the Gaia First Time Configuration Wizard, the appliance connects to the Check Point User Center and downloads all necessary licenses and contracts.
  • C. The cpinfo command must be run on the firewall with the switch -online-license-activation.
  • D. The SmartLicensing GUI tool must be launched from the SmartConsole for the Online Activation tool to start automatically.

Answer: B

"Online activation: this method of activation is available for Check Point manufactured appliances. These appliances should be configured to have internet connectivity during the completion of the First Time Configuration Wizard for software version R77 and below. Customers using R80 and higher will be able to use this feature during or after the completion of the First Time Configuration Wizard." https://supportcenter.checkpoint.com/supportcenter/portal?eventsubmit_dogoviewsolutiondetails=&solutionid=sk11054


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