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Trustworthy CPQ-301 Exam Content Will Be Your Wisest Choice to Pass Configure and Administer a Salesforce CPQ Solution

Trustworthy CPQ-301 Exam Content Will Be Your Wisest Choice to Pass Configure and Administer a Salesforce CPQ Solution

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Salesforce CPQ-301 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Review Product Fields Integral to Basic Salesforce CPQ Functionality
  • Enforce Business Logic with Product Features
Topic 2
  • Generate New Contracts to Manage Active Subscriptions Related to an Account
  • Use Contracted Pricing for Negotiated Prices
Topic 3
  • Review CPQ Advanced Quote Calculator Calculation Events and Conditions
  • Define Localization and How It Works in CPQ
Topic 4
  • Explore Additional Course Resources
  • Modify Out-of-the-Box Button Behavior for Product Selection
Topic 5
  • Create Lookup Queries to Outsource Evaluation to a Lookup Object
  • Review List Pricing, Cost Plus Markup, and Block Pricing
Topic 6
  • Set Values for Quote and Quote Line Fields Declaratively
  • Review Housekeeping Rules
  • Review Course Objectives
Topic 7
  • Define Data Requirements to Generate Orders
  • Define and Build Product Bundles
Topic 8
  • Enforce Business Logic with Option Constraints
  • Configure Subscription and Proration Pricing Methods
Topic 9
  • Understand How Subscription Pricing Methods Affect List and Regular Price
  • Understand the Business Case for CPQ

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Salesforce Configure and Administer a Salesforce CPQ Solution Sample Questions (Q170-Q175):

Universal Containers plans to sell a configurable group of products but does not want to show the bundle's Parent Product to the Client. What should the Admin do to meet this requirement?

  • A. Check the Exclude From Opportunity checkbox on the Bundle Product Record.
  • B. Check the Hidden checkbox on the Product option Record.
  • C. Check the Hidden checkbox on the Bundle Product Record.
  • D. Check the Optional check box on the Bundle Product Record.

Answer: C

Composite Summary Variables are Summary Variables that are combined with an additional calculation?

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer: A

Universal Containers requires Quotes above a certain quantity threshold to be approved by the regional logistics manager. A custom object defines ail regions and managers. Each Quote is automatically related to its region and its manager.
How should the admin leverage Advanced Approvals to meet the requirement?

  • A. Create an Approval Chain and use the Approver Field to dynamically assign the Approval to the Regional Manager.
  • B. Create an Approval Rule for each Region and select the Regional Manager in the Approver lookup field.
  • C. Create an Approval Rule and use the Approver Field picklist to dynamically assign the Approval to the Regional Manager.
  • D. Create an Approval Chain with an Approval Rule for each Regional Manager lookup field.

Answer: C

An Admin has created a configuration attribute on Product Z, created a twin field on the Quote line object, then added it into the Quote Line Editor so the User can change the value after configuration. What must the Admin do to update the value of the configuration attribute when the User reconfigures Product Z?

  • A. The value is auto-mapped back to the Product option field when the user enters configurations.
  • B. Create a Price Rule with Configurator scope that injects the Quote Line field value into the Product option field.
  • C. Create a Product Option formula field named Attribute Mapping that returns a comma-separated string of the field name and value pairs.
  • D. Create a Workflow Rule that updates the Product Option field upon entering configuration.

Answer: B

An admin has implemented a new CPQ business requirement In a sandbox. They have created new products and used them to construct a bundle The admin has also created a Product Rule that automatically selects Product Options when the user selects a specific Configuration
In which sequence should the admin migrate the records related to the new CPQ functionality In order to maintain record relationships?

  • A. Products, options, attributes, rules
  • B. Products, attributes, rules, options
  • C. Attributes, products, options, rules
  • D. Products, attributes, options, rules

Answer: A


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