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Free PDF Nonprofit-Cloud-Consultant - High Hit-Rate Training Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant (SP20) Exam Kit

Free PDF Nonprofit-Cloud-Consultant - High Hit-Rate Training Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant (SP20) Exam Kit

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Read the Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Certification Exam topics below

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  • NPSP Settings and Administration: 20%
  • Nonprofit Cloud Analytics: 6%
  • Domain Expertise: 18%

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Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant (SP20) Exam Sample Questions (Q178-Q183):

A large nonprofit organization is a social enterprise that functions in many ways like a for-profit corporation. The organization does mot accept individual donations, but mostly engages with corporations, sponsors, and vendors by selling its own products to further its mission. The organization needs to manage Leads and track its Opportunity pipeline. Which account model should the consultant recommend?

  • A. Salesforce Account Model without NPSP
  • B. Household Account Model without NPSP
  • C. Administrative Account Model in HEDA
  • D. Individual "Bucket" Account Model in NPSP
  • E. Household Account Model in NPSP

Answer: E

A nonprofit organization has white papers, case studies, and impact reports on its website. The organization wants to track website visitors who download those assets. Once tracked, the organization wants to pursue the visitor as a constituent. Which solution should be considered?

  • A. Affiliation record
  • B. Relationship record
  • C. NPSP Settings
  • D. Opportunity Settings

Answer: C

The admin at a nonprofit is implementing Salesforce Shield in its org to enable field platform encryption.
What are three NPSP considerations when implementing Shield Platform Encryption?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. If the Role Name field is encrypted on the NPSP Partial Soft Credit object, the nightly Soft Credit rollups fail.
  • B. The NPSP MergeContacts list button on Contact list views will fail if the Contact Name is encrypted.
  • C. The NPSP Data Import object supports encryption of all fields in the import batch.
  • D. NPSP Data Import is unable to perform Custom Unique Id matching on Accounts and Contacts with an encrypted field.
  • E. Fields on the NPSP Address object can be encrypted, but encryption is unavailable for address fields on the Account and Contact object.

Answer: A

A nonprofit wants to deploy Nonprofit Cloud Case Management into its production org.
Which two prerequisites should be considered prior to installing Case Management?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Ensure Volunteers for Salesforce is properly configured
  • B. Install NPSP
  • C. Ensure appropriate licenses are provisioned
  • D. Enable My Domain

Answer: C,D

A nonprofit is embarking on an organization implementation to replace numerous outdated systems. A consultant recommends establishing a Lean Governance Framework to ensure compliance, assess risk, and roll out a successful implementation for all users.
Which component is a key process of the Lean Governance Framework?

  • A. Power user feedback
  • B. End user management
  • C. Software Development Lifecycle
  • D. Executive buy-m

Answer: C


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