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Integration-Architect최신 시험대비자료, Integration-Architect시험대비 최신 덤프문제, Integration-Architect자격증공부자료, Integration-Architect최신 기출문제, Integration-Architect시험대비 덤프공부

Salesforce Integration-Architect 덤프로 많은 분들께서 Salesforce Integration-Architect시험을 패스하여 자격증을 취득하게 도와드렸지만 저희는 자만하지않고 항상 초심을 잊지않고 더욱더 퍼펙트한Salesforce Integration-Architect덤프를 만들기 위해 모든 심여를 기울일것을 약속드립니다.

Salesforce Integration-Architect 시험요강:

주제 1
  • Identify the trade-offs, limitations, and constraints that meet the proposed solution
  • Identify the factors needed to build resilience in an integration solution for system updates
주제 2
  • Given a set of requirements, evaluate the authentication and authorization needs based on the system landscape
  • Identify performance monitoring needs for integration requirements
주제 3
  • Identify the considerations when designing and implementing API(s)
  • Identify the current system landscape and determine what standards, limitations, boundaries and protocols exist
주제 4
  • Create a security solution for inbound or outbound integrations
  • Identify and classify data into Confidential
  • Secure
  • Public

>> Integration-Architect최신 시험대비자료 <<

Integration-Architect시험대비 최신 덤프문제 - Integration-Architect자격증공부자료

PassTIP Salesforce Integration-Architect덤프의 질문들과 답변들은 100%의 지식 요점과 적어도 98%의Salesforce Integration-Architect시험 문제들을 커버하는 수년동안 가장 최근의Salesforce Integration-Architect 시험 요점들을 컨설팅 해 온 시니어 프로 IT 전문가들의 그룹에 의해 구축 됩니다. Salesforce Integration-Architect 시험적중율 높은 덤프로 시험패스하세요.

최신 Salesforce Integration Architecture Designer Integration-Architect 무료샘플문제 (Q12-Q17):

질문 # 12
A company's security assessment noted vulnerabilities on the un managed packages in their Salesforce orgs, notably secrets that are easily accessible and in plain text, such as usernames, passwords, and OAuth tokens used in callouts from Salesforce.
Which two persistence mechanisms should an integration architect require to be used to ensure that secrets are protected from deliberate or inadvertent exposure?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Encrypted Custom Fields
  • B. Protected Custom Settings
  • C. Named Credentials
  • D. Protected Custom Metadata Types


질문 # 13
An architect recommended using Apex code to make callouts to an external system to process insurance quote.
What should the integration architect consider to make sure this is the right option for the integration?

  • A. The limit of pending operations in the same transaction.
  • B. The maximum number of parallel Apex callouts in a single continuation.
  • C. The maximum callouts in a single Apex transaction.
  • D. The limit on long-running requests (total execution time).


질문 # 14
Given the diagram below, a Salesforce org, middleware, and Historical data store (with
20million records and growing) exists with connectivity between them
Historical records are archived from Salesforce and moved to Historical Data store (which houses 20M records and growing; fine-tuned to be performant with search queries).
Call center agents use Salesforce, when reviewing occasional special cases, have requested access to view the related historical case items that relate to submit cases.
Which mechanism and patterns are recommended to maximize declarative configuration?

  • A. Use an ESB tool with Request-Reply pattern and then make a real-time Apex callout to the ESB endpoint to fetch and display component related to Case object
  • B. Use an ETL tool with a Batch Data Synchronization pattern to migrate historical data into Salesforce and into a custom object (historical data) related to Case object.
  • C. C Use an ESB tool with a fire and forget pattern and then publish a platform event for the requested historical data.
  • D. Use ESB tool with Data Virtualization pattern, expose OData endpoint, and then use Salesforce Connect to consume and display the External Object alongside with the Caseobject.


질문 # 15
A company's cloud-based single page application consolidates data local to the application with data from on premise and 3rd party systems. The diagram below typifies the application's combined use of synchronous and asynchronous calls.
The company wants to use the average response time of its application's user interface as a basis for certain alerts. For this purpose, the following occurs:
1. Log every call's start and finish date and time to a central analytics data store.
2. Compute response time uniformly as the difference between the start and finish date and time - A to H in the diagram.
Which computation represents the end-to-end response time from the user's perspective?

  • A. Sum of A and H
  • B. Sum of A to H
  • C. Sum of A, G, and H
  • D. Sum of A to F


질문 # 16
A company needs to integrate a legacy on premise application that can only support SOAP API. After the Integration Architect has evaluated the requirements and volume, they determined that the Fire and Forget integration pattern will be most appropriate for sending data from Salesforce to the external application and getting response back in a strongly typed format.
Which integration capabilities should be used to integrate the two systems?

  • A. Platform Events for Salesforce to Legacy System direction and SOAP API using Enterprise WSDL for the communication back from legacy system to salesforce.
  • B. Platform Events for Salesforce to Legacy System direction and SOAP API using Partner WSDL for the communication back from legacy system to salesforce.
  • C. Outbound Message for Salesforce to Legacy System direction and SOAP API using Partner WSDL for the communication back from legacy system to salesforce.
  • D. Outbound Message for Salesforce to Legacy System direction and SOAP API using Enterprise WSDL for the communication back from legacy system to salesforce.


질문 # 17

PassTIP의 Salesforce인증 Integration-Architect시험덤프는 고객님의 IT자격증을 취득하는 꿈을 실현시켜 드리는 시험패스의 지름길입니다. Salesforce인증 Integration-Architect덤프에는 실제시험문제의 거의 모든 문제를 적중하고 습니다. PassTIP의 Salesforce인증 Integration-Architect덤프가 있으면 시험패스가 한결 간편해집니다.

Integration-Architect시험대비 최신 덤프문제: https://www.passtip.net/Integration-Architect-pass-exam.html