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選擇我們可靠的產品350-601考試重點: Implementing Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (350-601 DCCOR),通過Cisco 350-601太輕松

選擇我們可靠的產品350-601考試重點: Implementing Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (350-601 DCCOR),通過Cisco 350-601太輕松

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350-601考試重點, 350-601證照考試, 350-601考試資訊, 350-601考試證照, 最新350-601試題

古人曾說:故天將大任於斯人也,必先苦其心志,勞其筋骨,餓其體膚,空乏其身。到現在也不過如此,成功其實是有方式方法的,只要你選擇得當。Testpdf Cisco的350-601考試培訓資料是專門為IT人士量身定做的培訓資料,是為幫助他們順利通過考試的。如果你還在惡補你的專業知識為考試做準備,那麼你就選錯了方式方法,這樣不僅費時費力,而且很有可能失敗,不過補救還來得及,趕緊去購買Testpdf Cisco的350-601考試培訓資料,有了它,你將得到不一樣的人生,記住,命運是掌握在自己手中的。

Cisco 350-601 考試大綱:

主題 1
  • Implement Automation And Scripting Tools
  • ACI Contracts And Microsegmentation
主題 2
  • Implement Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Implement Fcoe Unified Fabric (FIP And DCB)
主題 3
  • Implement Network Configuration Management
  • Implement Infrastructure Monitoring Such As SPAN And Intersight
主題 4
  • Explain Hyperflex Infrastructure Concepts And Benefits (Edge And Hybrid Architecture Vs All-Flash)
  • Server Management (Server Pools And Boot Policies)
主題 5
  • Describe NFS And NAS Concepts
  • Implement Fibre Channel
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Network And Store Management
主題 6
  • Explain Network Assurance Concepts Such As Streaming Telemetry
  • Apply Switching Protocols Such As RSTP+, LACP And Vpc
主題 7
  • Apply Compute Security
  • Keychain Authentication
  • Apply Network Security
主題 8
  • Evaluate Automation And Orchestration Technologies
  • Bash Shell And Guest Shell For NX-OS
主題 9
  • Describe Software Updates And Their Impacts (Disruptive
  • Nondisruptive And EPLD)
  • Switch Fabric Initialization
主題 10
  • Analyze Packet Flow (Unicast, Multicast, And Broadcast)
  • Describe Software Updates And Their Impacts
主題 11
  • Implement Cisco Unified Compute System Blade Chassis
  • Implement Compute Configuration Management (Backup And Restore)
主題 12
  • Analyze Cloud Service And Deployment Models
  • Apply Overlay Protocols Such As VXLAN EVPN And OTV
主題 13
  • Implement Infrastructure Monitoring Such As Netflow And SPAN
  • Apply Routing Protocols
主題 14
  • Describe Firmware And Software Updates And Their Impacts On B-Series And C-Series Servers
  • Implement Cisco Unified Compute System Rack Servers

>> 350-601考試重點 <<


是不是還在為怎樣有把握地通過Cisco 350-601 認證考試而煩惱?你有想過選擇一個針對性的培訓嗎?選擇好的培訓可以有效的幫助你快速鞏固關IT方面的大量知識,讓你可以為Cisco 350-601 認證考試做好充分的準備。 Testpdf的專家團隊利用自己的經驗和知識不斷努力地研究,終於開發出了關於Cisco 350-601 認證考試的針對性的培訓資料,可以有效的幫助你為Cisco 350-601 認證考試做好充分的準備。Testpdf提供的培訓資料將是你的最佳選擇。

最新的 CCNP Data Center 350-601 免費考試真題 (Q390-Q395):

問題 #390
Refer to the exhibit.
An engineer is implementing zoning on two Cisco MDS switches. After the implementation is finished, E Ports that connect the two Cisco MDS switches become isolated.
What is wrong with the implementation?

  • A. Zones must have the same name on both MDS switches for the E Ports to function.
  • B. E Ports on both MDS switches must be configured as F Ports for the zoning to function.
  • C. Zones are local to the MDS switch and name service must be used to activate the connection between E Ports.
  • D. Different zone set names must be configured on both MDS switches.


問題 #391
A UCS B- Series server located in B5108 chassis 1 slot 1 is currently unavailable. The server needs to be associated with a specific service profile when it becomes available. Which associate service profile option should be selected to accomplish this goal?

  • A. custom server
  • B. server
  • C. restrict migration
  • D. server pool



問題 #392
What is a feature of NFS?

  • A. Kerberos-based security model
  • B. zone-based access control
  • C. role-based access control
  • D. block-based file access



問題 #393
Refer to the exhibit.
Refer to the exhibit A network engineer created a new role to be assigned to the SAN users The requirement is for users to have these characteristics permitted to show access to the system, SNMP, module, and hardware information permitted to run debug zone and exec fcping commands

  • A. Option B
  • B. Option A
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option D


問題 #394
An engineer must configure a control plane policy on a Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switch that is located at IP
192.168 20.1 that moots those requirements
* Only HTTP. RDP. and ICMP traffic is permitted from subnet
* The committed information rate must be 54000 pps.
* The burst size must be 128 packets.
* Any other traffic must be dropped.
Drag and drop the code snippets from the bottom onto the blanks in the code on the top to complete the configuration. Not all code snippets are used


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問題 #395

Testpdf擁有Cisco 350-601 認證考試的特殊培訓工具,能使你不用花費大量的時間和金錢就可以短時間獲得很多IT技術知識來提升你的技術,很快就能在IT行業中證明你的專業知識和技術。Testpdf的培訓課程是Testpdf的專家團隊利用自己的知識和經驗為Cisco 350-601 認證考試而研究出來的。

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