Half the Sky- Chapters 3 and 4



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IIA-CIA-Part2자격증문제, IIA-CIA-Part2최신 업데이트 덤프, IIA-CIA-Part2최고덤프공부, IIA-CIA-Part2인기시험자료, IIA-CIA-Part2합격보장 가능 인증덤프

불과 1,2년전만 해도 IIA IIA-CIA-Part2덤프를 결제하시면 수동으로 메일로 보내드리기에 공휴일에 결제하시면 덤프를 보내드릴수 없어 고객님께 페를 끼쳐드렸습니다. 하지만 지금은 시스템이 업그레이드되어IIA IIA-CIA-Part2덤프를 결제하시면 바로 사이트에서 다운받을수 있습니다. KoreaDumps는 가면갈수록 고객님께 편리를 드릴수 있도록 나날이 완벽해질것입니다.

KoreaDumps의 IIA인증 IIA-CIA-Part2시험덤프자료는 여러분의 시간,돈 ,정력을 아껴드립니다. 몇개월을 거쳐 시험준비공부를 해야만 패스가능한 시험을KoreaDumps의 IIA인증 IIA-CIA-Part2덤프는 며칠간에도 같은 시험패스 결과를 안겨드릴수 있습니다. IIA인증 IIA-CIA-Part2시험을 통과하여 자격증을 취득하려면KoreaDumps의 IIA인증 IIA-CIA-Part2덤프로 시험준비공부를 하세요.

>> IIA-CIA-Part2자격증문제 <<

적중율 높은 IIA-CIA-Part2자격증문제 시험대비덤프

빨리 KoreaDumps 덤프를 장바구니에 넣으시죠. 그러면 100프로 자신감으로 응시하셔서 한번에 안전하게 패스하실 수 있습니다. 단 한번으로IIA IIA-CIA-Part2인증시험을 패스한다…… 여러분은 절대 후회할 일 없습니다.

IIA IIA-CIA-Part2 시험요강:

주제 1
  • Prepare workpapers and documentation of relevant information to support conclusions and engagement results
  • Determine the level of staff and resources needed for the engagement
주제 2
  • Determine engagement procedures and prepare the engagement work program
  • Establishing a Risk-based Internal Audit Plan
주제 3
  • Identify significant risk exposures and control and governance issues
  • Interpret the types of consulting engagements
주제 4
  • Interpret administrative activities
  • Use computerized audit tools and techniques
  • Recognize that the chief audit executive communicates the annual audit plan to senior management
주제 5
  • Complete a detailed risk assessment of each audit area, including evaluating and prioritizing risk and control factors
  • Plan the engagement to assure identification of key risks and controls Proficient
주제 6
  • Describe coordination of internal audit efforts with the external auditor, regulatory oversight bodies
  • Determine engagement objectives, evaluation criteria, and the scope of the engagement
주제 7
  • Evaluate the relevance, sufficiency, and reliability of potential sources of evidence
  • Develop checklists and risk-and-control questionnaires as part of a preliminary survey of the engagement area

최신 Certified Internal IIA-CIA-Part2 무료샘플문제 (Q308-Q313):

질문 # 308
Which of the following documents should the chief audit executive review and approve?
1.Workpaper retention policy.
2.Audit committee meeting minutes.
3.Internal audit handbook.
4.Quarterly financial statements.

  • A. 1 and 3 only
  • B. 1, 3, and 4 only
  • C. 2 and 4 only
  • D. 1 and 2 only


질문 # 309
Which of the following recommendation types is most likely to propose the most long-term solutions?

  • A. Effect-based recommendations
  • B. Cause-based recommendations
  • C. Condition-based recommendations
  • D. Root cause-based recommendations


질문 # 310
According to IIA guidance, which of the following is true regarding audit supervision?
1.Supervision should be performed throughout the planning, examination, evaluation, communication, and follow-up stages of the audit engagement.
2.Supervision should extend to training, time reporting, and expense control, as well as administrative matters.
3.Supervision should include review of engagement workpapers, with documented evidence of the review.

  • A. 1 and 3 only
  • B. 2 and 3 only
  • C. 1 and 2 only
  • D. 1, 2, and 3


질문 # 311
Which of the following is not a primary reason for outsourcing a portion of the internal audit activity?

  • A. To complement existing expertise with a required skill and competency for a particular audit engagement.
  • B. To gain access to a wider variety of skills, competencies and best practices.
  • C. To focus on and strengthen core audit competencies.
  • D. To provide the organization with appropriate contingency planning for the internal audit function.


질문 # 312
According to the International Professional Practices Framework, which of the following statements is true regarding the use of the statement, "Conducted in Conformance with the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing," when communicating results of a seven-year-old internal audit activity?

  • A. The statement should not be used for a consulting engagement.
  • B. The statement may be used only if the results of the quality assurance and improvement program support the statement.
  • C. The statement may be used whether or not the internal audit department has an external quality assessment review or an independent validation of a self-assessment.
  • D. The statement may be used only when conducting international engagements.


Section: Volume C

질문 # 313

IIA인증사에서 주췌하는 IIA-CIA-Part2시험은 IT업계에 종사하는 분이시라면 모두 패스하여 자격증을 취득하고 싶으리라 믿습니다. KoreaDumps에서는 여러분이 IT인증자격증을 편하게 취득할수 있게 도와드리는 IT자격증시험대비시험자료를 제공해드리는 전문 사이트입니다. KoreaDumps덤프로 자격증취득의 꿈을 이루세요.

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