Half the Sky- Chapters 1 and 2



by Anny David -
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How often have you heard by Gimy the tale of the charming prince who was once a talking frog but was transformed into a gorgeous human being by the princess's kiss?

Shan Jun Hao, once the CEO of a company that specialized in five-star hotels, recently came to the conclusion that the course of events had not gone as planned. This understanding is the outcome of a recent insight she's received. This realization is the outcome of a recent discovery on her part. Due to his unpleasant personality and social difficulties, befriending him may be challenging. Because of this, it may be challenging to win him over as a friend. He struggles to connect with people and is hence socially uncomfortable. Under the current considered circumstances, it may be challenging to make friends with him. This issue occurs because he has problems getting along with others, which is the root cause. The fact that he is notoriously disagreeable for many reasons undoubtedly adds to his air of inaccessibility.

On the other side Dramasq has point, Jun Hao gets involved in an accident and, as a direct result of the incident, he loses all memory of his past. Nothing that has ever happened to him has registered in his memory. He has absolutely no recollection of any aspect of his life's history. His memory is completely blank, and that includes everything that has ever happened to him. He has no recollection of his whole life's history in any way, shape, or form. He completely lacks any memory of the past. Everything that has ever happened to him, in whatever form, is completely lost on him, and he has no memory of it. Even his own name has been erased from his memory. 

  As a result 楓林網 says, he cannot recall any aspect of his life or the events that have taken place inside it. He has no idea what has happened in the world. He has lost all sense of self-awareness and can't even remember his own name. In a short amount of time, Jun Hao's affections were transferred to the vehicle's dishonest driver, Tian Yu. It didn't take long for Tian Yu to replace Jun Hao as Jun Hao's new love interest. Jun Hao was the only person trusted with driving the automobile at any point in time. Although he has no memory of his past, he is a kind and considerate person who is interested in the well-being of others. He's the kind of person that looks out for other people and wants them to be happy and healthy. Despite this, he worries about the safety and satisfaction of people who share close quarters with him. He cares about people and wants to know how they are doing and how they are feeling, so he makes regular inquiries about their well-being. He wants to know how they've been getting along.

中國人線上看 point out that Yun Xi is so convinced that the connection she claims to have with the prince is real, and because it seems that the prince is about to ask her to be his bride, it appears like they are about to make their relationship official. This strongly indicates that the prince is planning to propose to Yun Xi soon.

Jun Hao comes to dislike his future wife, Tian Yu, and views her as a gold-digger as a direct result of her dishonest actions throughout their time together. The dishonest actions she has taken are responsible for the widespread animosity and low regard in which she is held. This event was the impetus for Jun Hao to call off their engagement. The current predicament is a direct result of the dishonest actions of Tian Yu, and he or she must bear full responsibility for their actions. In addition, Jun Hao believes that his potential future wife is a gold-digger who wants to amass a fortune if the two of them decide to get married. Whether or not the two of them end up getting married, this is still his perspective.