Half the Sky- Chapters 6 and 7

부산달리기 | 협력 업체 주소를 안내 | 부산지역의 테라피 및 달림정보를 안내하는 경남 지역 최대 커뮤니티

부산달리기 | 협력 업체 주소를 안내 | 부산지역의 테라피 및 달림정보를 안내하는 경남 지역 최대 커뮤니티

by Patricia Burns -
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부산달리기 is the largest community website in the Gyeongnam region, providing various therapy and running information in the Busan area.


This site, which has over 90% of running companies in Gyeongnam and Busan, is specialized in the Gyeongnam region.
Since its reopening in 2017, Busan Dalligi has swept through the running information in the Gyeongnam region and has become a well-known community-based information-sharing website.

While there are many entertainment sites and adult entertainment sites nationwide,
it is widely known that only Busan Dalligi website is used in the Gyeongnam and Busan regions.
For this reason, businesses in the Gyeongnam and Busan areas are affiliated with Busan Dalligi, and there is also a significant influx of general customers.
Although Busan Dalligi belongs to an older platform, it maintains smooth site speed by simplifying features such as image and video uploads.

In particular, it is known that the Gyeongnam and Busan regions have a high concentration of kiss rooms and business room salons compared to other regions.
All of these kiss rooms, room salons, and running companies in the Gyeongnam region are affiliated with Busan Dalligi,
making it one of the most preferred sites in this field.

However, recently, the 부산달리기 site has experienced frequent downtime, and due to the outdated platform,
some businesses are unable to properly upload their desired company profiles.
As a result, some companies have sought partnerships with other general adult entertainment sites outside of Busan Dalligi.
Among them, Opiguide, a cooperative company of Busan Dalligi, is highly preferred as it has the highest number of running companies in the Gyeongnam and Busan regions and can serve as an alternative to Busan Dalligi.
For those having difficulty accessing the site, we recommend using Opiguide, a cooperative partner of Busan Dalligi.

The growth process of Busan Dalligi is also an interesting story.
Previously known as 부달 or Busan Dalligi, the site was specialized in running information in the Busan area.
Especially, running companies in the Busan area attracted a lot of promotion and customer influx through partnerships with this site.

However, over time, Busan Dalligi faced several issues.
Due to internal issues, Busan Dalligi split into multiple sites, including Green부달, Red부달, Blue부달, and Busangalmaegi, all claiming to be the real Busan Dalligi and gaining attention among users.
Currently, Noksaekbudal is recognized as the genuine Busan Dalligi and enjoys great popularity. However, nobody knows what the future holds.

Nevertheless, we hope that the running sites in the Busan area will be unified into a safe and trustworthy space.
We hope that Busan Dalligi, once again, goes all-in and grows together with running companies in Busan, becoming the representative running site in Busan where many Busan runners can use it with peace of mind.
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