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ED Marshall Jewelers-Scottsdale Jewelry Store, Arizona Jewelry Stores, Buy Sell Trade Diamonds Jewelry Fine Watches

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Protecting Your Jewelry from the Summer Sun and Sand: Advice from Phoenix's Finest Jewelry Stores


With summer just around the corner, many of us will be soaking up the sun and enjoying outdoor activities. However, while you're having fun in the summer heat, it's important to be aware of the potential risks your jewelry faces from exposure to harsh elements and damaging conditions. The chemicals in sunscreen, sand, and pool water can all have adverse effects on the cleanliness and long-term durability of your precious pieces.

No matter if you're a beach enthusiast, a lake lover, or a pool aficionado, water-based summer activities can subject your jewelry to harsh elements. Moreover, the fear of losing your beloved jewelry can put a damper on your fun-filled adventures.

Beaches, lakes, and pools are notorious hotspots for jewelry loss. If you find yourself at a pool and a piece of Best Jewelry Stores in Phoenix slips off, there's still a chance of recovering it. Try locating the item before it gets sucked into a drain, and don't forget to consult the pool manager for assistance. Although the jewelry may be damaged, there might be a way to retrieve or salvage it. However, if you lose a piece of jewelry in the ocean or a lake, chances are slim that you'll be able to find it. Even in shallow waters, the silt and sand at the bottom can quickly swallow up small items. Cold water poses an even greater risk, as your fingers can shrink, causing rings to slip off easily. The best—and perhaps only—way to ensure the safety of your jewelry from loss is to remove it and store it in a secure, dry place before getting close to water.

Unfortunately, pools rely on chlorine to maintain the water's safety for swimming. Chlorine is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to summer jewelry damage. It reacts with precious metals, leading to discoloration and significant deterioration. Gemstones like diamonds, opals, and rubies can also suffer damage from chlorine, as it interacts with and removes surface molecules, resulting in a dull, dark appearance.

Beaches pose their own set of challenges, as saltwater and sand can also harm and discolor metals. Rose gold, in particular, is highly susceptible to discoloration in saltwater due to the copper content that gives it its rose color. The abrasive nature of beach sand can scratch precious metals and even cause stones to become loose when the particles become lodged into the settings. In such cases, professional repair services at a jewelry store are necessary.

Bug sprays and sunscreens can leave residue on your jewelry, quickly diminishing its sparkle and shine. It's essential to do your best to keep these products away from your precious pieces and promptly rinse any residue off your jewelry. By the end of summer, you may consider having your jewelry professionally cleaned to restore its brilliance.

When it comes to traveling, it's crucial to exercise caution to avoid misplacing or losing your jewelry. Carefully consider which pieces you truly want to take on your trip and aim to minimize the number of items by selecting versatile pieces that can complement multiple outfits.


While packing, it's advisable to keep your jewelry in your carry-on luggage. Distribute different pieces among the carry-ons of your travel companions, ensuring that if one bag is lost, not all of your jewelry will be gone. Wrap each item individually to prevent them from scratching or damaging one another. Harder and more durable stones like diamonds can easily scratch softer materials like pearls or opals.

Above all, never stow valuable jewelry in checked luggage—it's a recipe for disaster. Despite advances in baggage handling technology, suitcases still go missing, and some are never reunited with their owners.

Once you reach your destination, storing your valuables in a room safe is a wise choice. Some hotels even offer larger safes or vaults for storage. Avoid leaving your jewelry exposed where others can see it, whether it's near the hotel room door or visible through the window of a ground-floor room. Additionally, refrain from discussing your valuable jewelry excessively in public areas to minimize attracting unwanted attention.

If you frequently travel with your jewelry, you may want to consider obtaining extra jewelry insurance for added protection. While insurance cannot replace sentimental value, it can help safeguard the monetary worth of your items and enable you to replace them if necessary. Consult your trusted insurance broker for guidance, and ensure that your jewelry is appraised to accurately determine its value for insurance purposes.

When it comes to exceptional jewelry stores in Phoenix, E. D. Marshall's in Scottsdale stands out. We are here to assist you with cleaning and repairing your treasured pieces. Additionally, if you require jewelry appraisals for extra insurance coverage, we can provide those services as well. Once we have catered to your jewelry care needs, we invite you to explore our wonderful selection of items for sale and consider expanding your jewelry collection.