Half the Sky- Chapters 6 and 7

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One of the company's major achievements was the construction of its own fiber optic network, which allowed it to offer high-speed internet, landline telephone, and quality digital television services. This was a significant step forward and transformed DIGI RCS RDS into a serious competitor in the Romanian communications market.

Over time, DIGI RCS RDS continued to expand both in Romania and in other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Today, the company has a significant presence in Romania, Hungary, Spain, Italy, and other countries in the region. contact Digi

Services Offered by DIGI RCS RDS One of the strengths of DIGI RCS RDS is the wide range of services it offers to its customers. The company provides the following services:

Cable and Satellite Television: DIGI RCS RDS offers a wide range of cable and satellite television channels, including HD channels and interactive television services. These include entertainment, news, sports, and more.

High-Speed Internet: With the help of its fiber optic infrastructure, the company provides high-speed internet services for both residential and business users. These services enable fast data download and upload, high-quality video streaming, and more.

Landline and Mobile Telephony: DIGI RCS RDS offers both landline and mobile telephony services to its customers. This includes mobile phone plans with unlimited minutes and generous data traffic.

Digital Television and Internet: The company also provides digital television and internet services through DSL technology in less populated regions.

Data Services and Business Solutions: DIGI RCS RDS also offers customized business solutions, including dedicated internet services, additional phone lines, cybersecurity solutions, and more.