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Best Tips For Fighting The Heat With AC

Best Tips For Fighting The Heat With AC

by Alpian Nugraha -
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Fighting the heat with air conditioning is a wise choice in summer, but it is important to use air conditioning wisely to make it efficient and energy efficient. Here are some tips for beating the heat with AC:

  • Set the Right Temperature: First of all, make sure to set the AC temperature at a comfortable level, usually between 22°C to 24°C. Too low a temperature will increase energy consumption.
  • Use Automatic Setting Mode: The automatic mode of the AC will allow the device to adjust the temperature and fan speed automatically according to requirements. This helps maintain temperature stability and save energy.
  • Keep Filters Clean: AC filters need to be checked and cleaned regularly. A clean filter will allow better air flow and increase efficiency.
  • Close Curtains or Curtains: Minimizing direct sunlight by closing blinds or curtains during the day can help reduce heat entering the room.
  • Avoid Using Ovens: During hot weather, avoid using ovens and kitchen appliances that produce extra heat. Use the microwave or cook outside if possible.

Using your air conditioner wisely can help you beat the heat without having to deal with high electricity bills. By following the tips provided by this Service AC Tebet , you can maintain comfort in your home during the hot summer