Half the Sky- Chapters 1 and 2

Half the sky

Half the sky

by Aissata Ba -
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I found myself to be very disappointed by the people who hated and criticized Meena for standing up for her children. I thought that Meena resembled a very strong character, not because she ignored everyone's comments about her, but because she went back to the brothel and continuously fought for the freedom of her two first borns. 

I was really shocked by the reactions that she got from the people. I was surprised to see that the people were not doing anything to stop trafficking and at the sametime were hating and pointing finger to those who did. I don't understand if those people are just starting to accept it as part of their culture or something but it's really disappointing. Overall, I was most disappointed by the police service because in our minds the police was suppose to protect the people, not place them in more danger. 

One positive thing was how the Overlake students funded the construction of the Overlake school in Cambodia. They stood as an example generation of the change to come.