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Elegance Unleashed - The Art of Stylish and Elegant Dog Harnesses

Harnesses allow for better control than collars, especially when your dog pulls or lunges. They also distribute the force of pulling or jumping over your dog's abdomen rather than his neck, decreasing risk of injury.

Identify your preferred harness style by checking for distinguishing features like back or front clips, a step-in design, or an overhead style. Then, measure your dog to find the best size.

Front-Clip Harness

Front-clip harnesses feature a leash attachment point at the dog’s chest rather than on their backs. When dogs pull, this front connection redirects their momentum into a curve around the chest and can help you turn them away from things they want to lunge towards. They also allow you to control their movement when they are not pulling by putting pressure on the chest strap.

PROS: Simple design and good quality materials. The chest ring shifts only slightly sideways under pressure and is easy to spot since it’s a different color than the rest of the harness. Girth strap is long enough to stay clear of the armspits and prevent chafing.

Dog Harnesses

CONS: The chest strap sags significantly when there is tension on the harness, which can lead to discomfort for the dog and interference with their normal gait. This sagging is particularly problematic because it can create an unstable and potentially dangerous situation for the dog when they are walking without pulling.

Easily put on by stepping your dog’s two front legs through the top portion and then passing the lower straps over the chest and under belly and clipping at the back. This harness is designed for everyday walks and looks stylish with its popping colors and gold/silver buckle detailing.

Back-Clip Harness

A back-clip harness is similar to a front-clip model, but the leash attachment ring sits on your dog's chest rather than their neck. It is designed to discourage pulling using chest pressure, but does not actively redirect movement or force them to turn toward you. This style is more comfortable for dogs that may not tolerate the pressure of a front-clip harness, or those with sensitive necks.

This breathable neoprene harness features a black and red lace applique, creating an alluring aesthetic for your pup. The padded chest plate provides comfort and the metal clip is sturdy, making it a great active harness for hikes or walks around town.

Designed with insights from dog walkers, this versatile harness is a mashup of the back-clip and front-clip styles. It is fool-proof to fit and provides multiple points of adjustment, including a Y-shaped padded belly strap for greater support. It is also a good choice for walking in low-light conditions as it has reflective stitching, and offers back and front leash attachments to suit varying walking situations.

Dual-Clip Harness

Stylish and eye-catching, this harness is made for active dogs. It fits tightly around torso girth and features sliding adjustments to give your dog a customized fit. It’s also easy to put on, though it may take some dogs a moment to get used to having it placed over their head.

It has a back-attachment point, which is helpful for those who want to work on no-pull training or make other adjustments to leash etiquette. It also has a Y-neck design that fits higher up on the front of your dog’s neck — below where a collar typically sits, so it doesn’t impede their front legs.

However, we did find that the chest straps sagged on this harness, which could irritate your dog’s skin and snag on clothing. You can prevent this by clipping the leash to the front ring as well as to the collar ring, which reduces the amount of tension pulled on the chest strap and minimizes sagging. It’s also more expensive than other harnesses we tested. However, it’s strong and durable and offers a high level of finish.

Step-In Harness

Designed with elegance in mind, this harness offers your pet exceptional comfort and style for those everyday walks. Unlike collars, which put strain on the neck and chest, the step-in design distributes pressure evenly over your pet’s back and shoulders. It also eliminates the choking effect that many people fear with traditional collars and harnesses, so you can feel confident you’re not stressing your pet unnecessarily.

The padded step-in harness is available in multiple color options to match your dog’s personality. It features a no-pull training design, reflective harness strips, and adjustable metal sliders for a customized fit. You can also add a matching leash and poop bag holder to create an elegant set for your pup or cat.

Interested in more stylish pet products? Discover more emerging designer dog lifestyle brands and independent pet businesses at Pretty Fluffy, the ultimate destination for stylish pets. You can also find healthy dog treat recipes, training tips and more. Happy shopping! We hope you and your pet enjoy their new harness. Let us know in the comments below!

Fashion Harness

Incorporating a stylish, yet classic leather design that is both durable and chic this designer dog harness will have heads turning. The brass hardware is rust & corrosion resistant and the padded chest plate is incredibly comfortable for your dog to wear. It is easy to adjust both the neck and girth of the harness so you can get the perfect fit for your pup. It’s also an elegant dog harness for agitation training and can be easily fitted with the option of velcro name tags or identifiers such as “Service Dog”.

If you are looking to elevate your fashion-forward poodle’s look this luxury designer dog harness is the one to choose! It has a stunning saddle-inspired design with removable quilt padding and is made from scratch-resistant Italian saffiano leather. The ultimate style piece for any pampered pooch!

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