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7 Tips for Making the Most of Your Slugger Hit

The slugger fighting style is known for producing devastating knockout punches. Fighters like George Foreman, Sonny Liston, and Deontay Wilder have made their names by relying on this approach.

To excel at this style, you must be powerfully built, either through natural strength or a dedicated strength-building routine. You must also possess a strong defensive strategy.

1. Keep Your Head Up

Sluggers focus on utilizing brute force and a powerful punch. Their style lacks the elegance of the out-boxer and requires an iron chin and raw power to overwhelm opponents and knock them out. Legendary fighters like Jack Dempsey, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, and Sonny Liston achieved fame for mastering the slugger style.

To generate the massive power in their blows, Sluggers hit fuel their punches through the entire body, from the bottom to the top. Hitting them at the core interrupts this energy flow, decreasing the effectiveness of their big punches.

2. Keep Your Eyes on the Ball

At any Little League baseball game you've likely heard, "Keep your eye on the ball." It's a common piece of advice that can make the difference between hitting for power or getting picked off.

The slugger style doesn't prioritize technical boxing or elegance; it's about overwhelming opponents with barrages of powerful punches. This requires a naturally strong body and iron chin to deliver devastating blows that lead to knockouts.

Many fighters gravitate toward the slugger style because they are enamored with the idea of knocking out their opponents like Mike Tyson. The slugger style also doesn't require as much advanced footwork, making it a good choice for fighters who have limited ability to develop proper footwork.

3. Keep Your Body in Position

The Slugger (or brawler) fighting style offers many advantages to fighters who are naturally strong or have a focused strength-building routine. This aggressive style is based on closing on opponents and unleashing devastating power punches. Fighters like George Foreman and Sonny Liston have won championships with this strategy.

The big problem with Sluggers is that they tend to tire more quickly than other styles. This is because their larger muscles require more energy to maintain and every blow they deliver uses up a portion of their energy reserves.


Fortunately, savvy fighters can use the rope-a-dope strategy to tire out Sluggers and expose them to counter strikes.

4. Keep Your Hips Straight

In baseball, a slugger is a player who hits for power and often scores home runs. Sluggers are slotted in the fourth spot in the batting line-up, and their job is to drive home the players who got on base before them.

To hit the ball for maximum distance, it needs to travel vertically and horizontally at the same time. It also helps if there is little air resistance, which depends on humidity, temperature and altitude. To develop the necessary core rotation, try these hip-forward throws. From an athletic stance, drop into a low squat, then throw a medicine ball forward from your hips. Repeat ten times each side.

5. Keep Your Arms Straight

Keeping your arms straight is one of the most important elements in a strong golf swing. This allows you to create more power and consistency in your shots.

However, it can be difficult to keep your lead arm straight throughout the whole swing. Many beginners struggle with this concept because it can be hard to feel. Trying to force the feeling can cause tension in the swing which will decrease the quality of your shots.

The first step is to get into a proper address position with your lead arm straight and your trailing arm slightly bent. This will allow you to maintain your rotation throughout the entire swing.

6. Keep Your Head Up

Seeking to see the ball is the most important aspect of hitting. Without clear sight, you will not make contact with the ball, and your shot will be ineffective.

A slugger, or brawler, is committed to launching aggressive blows that are not necessarily aimed at hitting a specific target. This gives a savvy opponent the opportunity to take advantage by carefully slipping out of range.

Sluggers are not usually the most technical fighters, but they are often able to knock out opponents with raw power. They are also typically naturally strong or have dedicated a vigorous strength-building routine.

7. Keep Your Eyes on the Ball

It's a mantra you hear in every sport, keep your eyes on the ball. However, where you focus your eyes can have a significant impact on your shot. Professional golf coaches recommend focusing on the back of the ball for straight shots. The arrow on the back of the ball should point straight for a straight shot, and then change to point northeast for a draw and northwest for a fade.

The "slugger" boxing style is favored by fighters who want to close the distance and unleash devastating power punches on their opponents. This style requires less footwork and endurance than other boxing styles.

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