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Everything You Need to Know Now About a Glock Switch

A tiny device that can turn a legal handgun into an illegal machine gun has been popping up in central Indiana. The switch, commonly called a Glock switch, looks like a Lego piece and blends in with the gun making it hard for police to spot.

The FBI is noticing more of the devices and working with local law enforcement to prosecute anyone found in possession of one. Here’s everything you need to know now about the Glock switch.

What is a Glock Switch?

COLUMBUS -- Criminals are using a tiny, dangerous device to turn one of the world's most popular handguns into what prosecutors call a machine gun. The dime-sized attachment, which is also known as a Glock switch, turns semiautomatic weapons into guns that fire continuously when the trigger is pulled. It's been popping up more often in central Ohio this year.

WBRC contacted the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office for more information and learned that a prosecutor says his office is investigating "more cases involving glock switches." "They're small, cheap, easy to attach to a firearm," said Anthony Pierson, deputy chief counsel. "They pose an outsized risk for us and we want the public to be aware of that."

Glock switches are available online and from gun stores, but they're illegal in the U.S. The federal bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives shut down two websites where the devices are sold. The ATF has also confiscated them in other cities. An ATF agent who demonstrates how the switches work for 13News showed how they can take a standard Glock handgun and make it fire 31 bullets in two seconds.

How Does a Glock Switch Work?

The device is about the size of a penny and can turn a Glock handgun into an automatic weapon that can spew dozens of bullets with one pull of the trigger. 13 Investigates has learned it is being used by criminals and found more and more frequently by police officers and crime scene technicians.

Glock switch, also known as a Glock chip, Fully, The Switch and Fun switch, are illegal to possess because they convert a semi-automatic gun into a full automatic weapon, which is against federal law. They can be purchased on the dark web, 3D printed or even ordered from overseas.

It only takes a minute for someone with a switch to attach it to their Glock handgun and immediately be able to shoot continuously. Police are concerned it could cause more accidental or unintentional shootings. Several local law enforcement agencies have reached out to us with concerns about their availability and use.

Are Glock Switches Legal?

Glock switches, also known as auto sears, are showing up more frequently in cases in Jacksonville and across the country. The device, which looks like a small Lego piece and blends in with the gun, turns it into a fully automatic weapon. It is illegal because it violates the National Firearms Act, which prohibits private ownership of machine guns.

Local authorities say they are worried about the growing use of Glock switches because it makes the handgun more deadly and dangerous for police officers. The switch can allow a shooter to fire multiple rounds with each pull of the trigger, increasing the chances of an officer getting shot.

The devices are not made by the gun manufacturer Glock and are not officially sold, but they can be easily found on the internet. The ATF says it is working to shut down websites and social media accounts where the switches are being sold. Those who possess them without a federal firearms license face severe legal consequences.

What Are the Consequences for Possession of a Glock Switch?

A Glock switch is an illegal gun modification device that turns a legal handgun into an automatic machine gun. It's not only dangerous for criminals but can also put innocent people at risk of getting shot.

Police say they're seeing switches more and more often on the streets. The devices, which are about the size of a quarter, can transform a Glock into a machine gun that spews out dozens of bullets with one pull of the trigger.

ATF agents say people can buy the devices online or make them themselves using 3D printers. They used to be imported from overseas but are now being made right here in the United States.

ATF agents seized 33 of the switches in 2020 but that number tripled last year as the device became more popular. If caught, a person could face up to 10 years in prison. ATF says criminals are putting innocent people at risk when they use the switches on their guns because the weapons are harder to aim and control, making them more likely to squirt bullets everywhere.

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