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Crafting Your Imagination: The Magic of Custom Plush Toys



Plush toys are a familiar category for children and toy enthusiasts, serving as gifts, collectibles, and companions. Customizing these toys adds an extra layer of fun, enabling personal expression and creativity. Unlike mass production, creating unique plush toys in small batches aligns with current trends. Businesses can leverage custom plush toys to convey their brand image, enhancing visibility and reputation.

The Questions on Custom Stuffed Toys

How can I start making plushies?

Provide three views: front, side, and back, preferably with a sample.

How much do custom plushies cost?

The cost of your project will be determined by the specifics of your design complexity, size, materials, features, bulk quantity and more. Plush budgets are influenced by factors such as:

  • Complexity of character design and pattern
  • Size of the Toy
  • Selected materials
  • Unique features (embroidery, printing, plastic components, etc.)
  • Labels and packaging
  • Quantity

What fabric is for plushies?

Typically, super soft fabric, faux fur, and others made from polyester fibers are common due to their durability.Those of them are made from 100% synthetic polyester fibers.The polyester fabrics can be affordable,easy to clean,known for its durability and resistance,although it is slightly less breathable compared to natural fibers.

TodayPlush toys filled with polyester fiber fill,plastic pellets and beans,all materials now conform to strick quality regulations,and safe for all ages.

The Process Of Creating Custom Plush Toys

Explain the step-by-step process involved in designing and manufacturing custom plush toys.

  • Conceptualization and design phase

Some customers might have just an idea or a design concept in mind. However, if you already have a physical sample, whether you need an exact replica or adjustments in the details, We offer tailored suggestions to meet your vision.

In case you don’t have a physical sample, it’s best if the design sketch includes the front, side, and back views of the product, along with detailed images of key areas (such as the underside of the feet, head’s hairstyle, etc.). You can also specify if you prefer particular fabrics, fillings, or materials. Even if your details aren’t that comprehensive, it’s not a problem. Drawing from our years of industry experience and considering factors like your images and company culture, we can provide the most suitable suggestions. Our aim is to exceed your expectations and create a product that resonates with your vision.




  • Material selection

Quality materials, stuffing, and safe eyes/noses are crucial for plush toys.

Fabric: Choosing high-quality materials is of utmost importance. Clients can consider using eco-friendly, highly elastic, and soft plush fabrics,super soft fabrics, long-staple cotton, and the like. Additionally, the stuffing should also consist of safe and non-hazardous materials.


Eyes and noses:The eyes and nose must withstand a tension of 21 pounds,The types of eyes include plastic eyes, crystal eyes, cottons eyes and etc.The nose can be categorized as plastic nose, flocking nose, wrapped nose, and matte nose.


The senior designer Annie mentioned that the eyes play an vital factors in stuffed animals design,plastic eyes sometimes are oversymmetry,and seems like too dull. Embroidered eyes allow for adjusting the distance between the pupil and eyelash,creating the different effect,and it is recommend for soft toys under 3 years old.They never use glass or button as the eyes,instead of embroideried eyes.


Annie’s Manucripts

Ribbons:Cusomsize riboon stuplated color according to the order requirements.


Other Accessoires:Zip,vlecro strap,buttons,knot,hang tag

Package:Pp/Pe bag,Woven bag,Double corrugated carton

  • Prototyping and testing

Provide images or information for prototypes. We calculate costs and create samples for confirmation.

The company calculates preliminary price ranges and sample-making costs based on the processing quantity, timeline, images, specifications, materials, stuffing, and other process requirements provided by the customer. Regular fabric options for plush toys include short plush, long plush, crystal super-soft plush, and curly plush.

sample cost around $60-$100, with the specific price depending on factors like size, quantity, and complexity of craftsmanship

After the sample-making cost is settled, it takes approximately 4-6 days to create initial samples for customer confirmation (for complex processes or multiple styles, the time may be extended accordingly)

Customers provide feedback and modification suggestions, and the company adjusts the samples accordingly.

After confirmation, we provide the customer with an accurate price and timeline for bulk production.Both parties seal the sample, sign the production contract, and for standard products, a 30% advance payment of the total cost is collected. For special products, a 50% advance payment is collected.

  • Manufacturing and assembly

Upon contract, we procure materials and begin production.

  • Quality Control and Shipping

We assure the quality conform to the high standard,such as ASTM/EN71,or certifaction form 3rd party laboratory.We offer flexible shipping options,by sea,air,railway or multi tranport.

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Customsize Logo/Brading

Customization can enhance brand image using various techniques., as well as on woven labels,printing labels, and hang tags. Common techniques include silk-screen printing, digital printing,Heat transfer printing, sew tags and embroidery. It’s also possible to incorporate QR code printing.



Custom Plush Toys Can Be Used As Promotional Items For Businesses

Businesses are always seeking efficient ways to establish a good brand image for their products and services.The customizable plush toy can provide powerful impressions to the target clients,adding emotional value for business relationships.Due to the unqiue design,creatively crafted plush toys will attract attention among the people crowd,Virtual objects, people, animals, and mascots are created to make stuffed toys. There are no limits to exploring imagination.

Custom plush toys are ideal for trade shows and events where businesses aim to leave a lasting impression,the cute and soft appearance definitely convey the warm feeling and care for people,create a connection between brand and its audience.In the United States and around the world, nearly all influential social groups, organizations, companies, and sports leagues such like NFL,NBA,MLB have their own mascots.Their mascots that interact with the audience, engage in various themed activities, send reward gifts, all aimed at increasing sales revenue.

Phillie Phanatic,the most famous mascot from Philadelphia baseball team,appears as a green monster,he inspires the passion among the live audiences.He is even in the Mascot Hall of Fame, being a charter member of the elective club of famous mascots,make a successful marketing peformance.

Custom Plush Mascots do help with emotional benefits in marketing. Well-branded corporations like Coca-Cola and the MLB league consider creating more value for target customers. So, transform your brand with custom plush mascots – cuddly ambassadors that boost recognition and connection.Why not let these cuddly companions help your business? For custom plush branding, contact Bunnyhello. Your business will continue to rise.


Phillie Phanatic From MLB

Custom Plush Toys In Education And Child Development

Through sensory engagement, storytelling, and role-playing, these custom-made soft toys promote cognitive, emotional, social, and physical growth in children. Educators, parents, and caregivers can create enriched learning environments that nurture creativity, empathy, and holistic development.


Psychoanalyst Dr. D.w. Weinnicott defines a stuffed animal as “a transitional tool” that calms a baby away from its mother. Even as children enter kindergarten or interact with others, plush toys can still bring them comfort.

Using plush toy games with children isn’t just about having fun – it’s also a wonderful way to educate them. For instance, as they play, kids might take on roles like a “traffic police officer,” holding a little baton and guiding vehicles and pedestrians earnestly. Or they might pretend to be a “doctor,” caring for their patients, or use building blocks to create structures, like budding architects. Whatever role they’re in, they imagine the traits of the character they’re portraying, mimic their actions and speech, and immerse themselves in the feelings and attitudes associated with those roles. This helps them learn values such as responsibility and treating others kindly, providing a solid foundation for any path they might choose in the future.

Diverse role-play games help kids enhance their aesthetic skills.Effectively using plush toys aids parents in educating children, fostering good habits from an early age.


Custom plush toys offer a blend of creativity, branding, and education. Tailoring these cuddly companions not only enhances brand recognition but also fosters emotional connections and supports child development. From marketing to education, the impact of custom plush toys resonates in various aspects of our lives. Contact us at bunnyehllo to explore how custom plush toys can transform your brand or enrich educational experiences.

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