Small and Large Cats And Their Significance As a Talisman

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Cats, both large and small, are mysterious and magnificent creatures. Their grace and agility are mesmerizing. We never stop admiring felines even when they expose their sharp teeth. It comes as no surprise that many people have cats as pets. Over the centuries, people have noticed that cats have some kind of supernatural gift to scare evil spirits away – it was not for nothing that a couple of cats guarded the entrance to temples in Ancient Egypt. If you, just like the Ancient Egyptians, want to summon powers inherent in felines, you cannot do without a proper talisman.

Before you hang a cat totem around your neck, you should first learn about the behavioral traits of specific breeds. You surely know that a cat won’t show you love if you don’t deserve it or if your energies collide. Therefore, you need to make sure that you and your potential talisman are compatible.

Domesticated Vs Wild Cats

People who value family bonds and relationships, and who derive their energy from communication with others, will be better off with domesticated cats. Cat talismans focus their power on family well-being. They straighten love and make home a peaceful place. They become companions in spiritual journeys and magical practices. They bring prosperity and help find a common language with other people.

If you’re a loner and your purpose in life is career and prosperity pursuit, you will benefit from a wild cat talisman. By the way, it is not at all necessary to showcase a full cat image in your body ornament. A piece of jewelry depicting a cat’s eye, tail, paw, and even a silhouette is as potent as a figure of a cat itself. So, if you, for instance, enjoy a silver claw ring, just go for it – it will do the trick. 

Now let’s get back to our wild cats. You won’t find two identical felines. Their habitat impacts their temper and habits. Therefore, to get yourself the best sidekick, you need to learn what it is capable of. 

Mountain cats symbolize freedom and endurance. They are saint patrons of people who rely on their own abilities. Mountain cats know how to love – hence, they are talismans of passionate lovers. Besides that, a mountain cat image is able to become support in difficult life circumstances.

Forest cats are an aid in situations when you need to be on your guard. They help awaken intuition, conceal you from the prying eyes, safely guide you through paths full of risks and dangers, as well as assist in defending your territory. These furry little creatures will enhance your wisdom and show you how to live in peace with nature.

Steppe cats will help maintain your personal space without turning into a recluse. Talismans featuring these wild cats are able to bolster your charisma, artistry, and eloquence. If you’re a loner in a group of people, it will help you build strong interpersonal relationships without overstepping your personal boundaries.


Small Wild Cats As Your Talisman

The feline family has more than 40 species and all of them are unique in their look and behavior. Accordingly, a talisman with a specific wild cat species is going to offer one-of-a-kind properties.

The lynx symbolizes a keen eye. It sees a situation from different angles, doesn’t fall for tricks, and graciously avoids troubles. A lynx talisman will help you find the hidden – even fortune-tellers and seers rely on lynxes in their craft. Besides that, the lynx is a symbol of silence and secrecy. It is able to teach you how to be friendly, graceful, and appealing. Finally, it is the personification of love, loyalty, and family.

The puma is a symbol of agility, mobility, independence, and fearlessness. Its mission is to assist you in reaching your goals, weighing your options, and adapting to ever-changing circumstances. They say that puma talismans share patience, self-restraint, and tranquility with their owners.

Cheetahs are synonymous with speed, intelligence, valor, and power. This is a twofold symbol since it has features of a cat and a dog. Cheetahs are emotional and at the same time reasonable. They know when they can get something with brutal force and when they need to implement their cunning. These fast-legged felines are risk-takers but when in danger, their mind and body acts with lightning speed. A cheetah talisman will show you what you’re worth. It also promotes open-mindness and friendliness.


Big Wild Cats and Their Significance

Tigers are patron saints of rulers and warriors. They are a source of strength, fearlessness, and energy. With their help, you are able to take control of your life and move towards your goals. The tiger is a powerful symbol that carries the meanings of creation and chaos, dreams and reality, as well as the opposing energies of the Moon and the Sun. Such a talisman is ideal for people boasting leadership qualities. By the way, a tiger symbol is so potent that it is able to share its powers with everything that proudly carries the name ‘tiger’. If you enjoy silver tiger’s eye rings, you can bank on them to give you the power of a real tiger.

The lion gently and majestically carries the energy of the Sun. His strength lies in his family and environment. Such a talisman will help solidify your role in the team as well as understand your goals and ways to achieve them to benefit everyone who is important to you. Lion talismans enhance intuition and show how to avoid conflicts. They are a felicitous choice for creative and family-oriented people.

Leopard is a symbol of victory and fortune. It is strong, hardy, smart, and cunning. As a good luck symbol, it helps in risky business and gambling. The leopard creates a safe environment around itself and draws strength from solitude. At the same time, it seeks to rise higher in every sense. Leopard totem jewelry will protect climbers and people working at higher altitudes.

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